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  1. Airplane icons

    Hi everyone ! I would like to have a lot of airplanes icons. I am supposed to make a keynote presentation about landing gears and I would need a bunch of icons in relation with airplanes, landing gears, ... stuff like this ! I am sure you guys have that in your huge collection (I just have Gmail airplane icons). Thanks again ! Hope you can help me
  2. Airplane icons

    @Bastete : thanks for your icons they look great ! THose planes look gorgeous :-p I might submit the idea of the "Week Icons Theme" on another subject with a eventual poll.
  3. Airplane icons

    Thanks jannie B, I actually already have those icons but thks anyway those are good one. Anyone else ? And what do you think about a theme for each week ???
  4. Airplane icons

    Thank you very much Bastete you know what to do ! Your icons look good, I didn't have any of these. Hope other members have some ! Furthermore, that would be a good idea to give a theme each week in Icons REQUEST and all members could post icons in relation with this theme. SO this week's theme is : PLANES Next week's theme will bee : CARS
  5. Color Theory 3

    Great work man this is huge work indeed just keep going !
  6. Hello guys, I've had this question for a long time and i need an answer I am going to use an example to explain my question. I downloaded the QUICKLOOK NINJA Ed. OSX Icon pack which contains 3 parts: * Pixadex * ICNS * PNGs If I try to replace an icon (with the copy/paste in the information window procedure) I don't see the icon but a "ICNS" text preview. Here is an image to illustrate it : By etnik04 As you can see, the one on the right does't display the way I want. But for the icon on the left (which is not ICNS but macintosh icon (no extension ?) it displays well. My question is how do you get those ICNS icons to display correctly ? I've seen some screenshots (example: ) where we can see those QUICKLOOK Ninja Edition icons in the finder. Is there a ICNS-Macintosh Icons' converter ? Thank you for answering guys ! I am looking forward to reading you
  7. October '07 Desktops

    Really nice screenshot man, even more for your first one on mac ! Could you give us the name of the second screenshot's wallpaper or share it with us please :-D That would be great ! Enjoy october desktops !
  8. September '07 Desktops

    Hey guys! Nice desks for everyone. Here is mine for september By etnik04 at 2007-09-28 Comments are welcome
  9. I see ! Well you were very helpful ! I have another question that you might answer ?! I don't see a previw of my PNG icons in the finder but just the same PNG logo for all of them. I think I used to preview them directly in the finder so is it normal ? How can I change this ?
  10. Dude this is great ! You anwser is just PERFECT. I now know the format (extension) and those softwares just work great and are free !!! Thank you very much !!!
  11. Free Retail PC Games (Legal)

    Dowloaded two ubisoft games, changes location in profile too lol, installed it and ERROR during the installation (the same for both of games). Damn it ! I woon't be playing those games :-(
  12. Thanks for your answer. Indeed I do know this great software and I used to have it and this is a good tool. I also use IconFactory or Lite Icon. But does anyone know the difference ?
  13. Macbook Airport

    LOL good job any idea for I ?
  14. Reflexion

    Great icons good job man just keep going !!!
  15. Somatic Style - "Ralph"

    Thks for the wall i like it :-)
  16. I wish mine was BiographiK instead of etnik04 what do you think of that guys ?
  17. Macbook Airport

    What error do you have ? I had the same pb at my girlfriend's and i couldn't connect either even if I had had the WEP key and stuff. But I have another pb here at home, my airport often disconnects without any reason. My wireless just works very well with my windows laptop and desktop but my macbook just keeps disconnecting all the time and it is very annoying. I tried changing the channel and I recently downloaded the Apple upload about the airport. Does anyone has a idea or solution ? I hope your pb will be also resolved very soon SciFi ... Waiting for your answers you apple guys :-)
  18. Wallpapers >>Computer graphics Girls

    HAHA of course I do prefer real women but I was talking about virual women so none hesitation
  19. Official "I Switched" Thread

    Hey guys Don't remember if i alrdy said it but I am a happy owner of a brand new white macbook 2Ghz but with only 512 RAM but I got a 250€ rebate with my bank here in France, I just love it but I wish I could have 2Go of RAM but it's too expensive. Well I finally switched and MAC NOTEBOOKS are just great. Now I have to get an APPLE Desktop yay ! Just waiting for money to come back lol ... Enjoy your Apple hardware guys :-)
  20. transformers icons

    HAHA original and nice luv it !!!
  21. Wallpapers >>Computer graphics Girls

    Under firefox, just right click / display image ... then you can see the image. However I prefere vector women but thks anyway
  22. WWDC 06 Discussion

    Yay I can't wait to see the keynote session it's always good times while watching steve jobs talking about his new products and being ironic as usual. Wait and See ... and I think he will wear black clothes ;-)
  23. Amora (Link)

    No word - it's just magnificient thank you !
  24. Bye Mouse, Bye keyboard

    That is pretty impressive, I can't imagine the utilisation of this tool, you can do so many things with that technology.
  25. GarageBand and others

    You have two softwares for Word-Excel : - Pages and Keynote which is not included in iLife, you have to buy it - Microsoft Office 2004 which is the port of the Office suite from Windows PCs Then you have the open source softwares as mentionned before. Concerning Garage Band, you can look at the help file or google search, I am sure you'll find what your are looking for.