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  1. Annoying Feature

    When I minimize firefox or any app to the dock, and wanna bring it back, I have to hover over it for a second to bring up the aero preview window of it and then click it, why can't I just click on the app shortcut to maximize the program window again?
  2. How do you update your ieview.dll? I have IEview but my skin still won't work, someone tell me why!!!!!!!
  3. I have a problem with this skin, it won't work right. It only shows a blue background, why is this? I'm using the latest miranda, tabSRMM and IEview plugins. />
  4. Mint 2.0

    It's hard to tell when someone is messaging you in the taskbar!
  5. March 2005 Screenshots Thread

    Just registered to say nice desktops