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  1. Thank you very much (and here's release)!
  2. It's original set by miX the piX and i mean Psychopulse's finder and trash icons (as linked).
  3. These sweet icons in .dmg: request for .png, pls.
  4. Some Miranda Chat Skins

    1st skin is Renkoo Naked by bonebox
  5. August '06 Desktops

  6. Nod

    Windows zip-arch is corrupted
  7. VS for XP

    1st image you posted directly from @devart: you can see it from browser's cache but we can't.
  8. Amora port

    my voice too.
  9. July '06 Desktops

  10. March '06 Desktops

    W/o preview: [link]
  11. Eternal 1.2

    Mmm... so sweet! Thx!
  12. Graphite PRO 1.0

    Port that is worthy of this excellent theme. Thank you!
  13. [Release] PURE Icon set and website

    It's so. Can't read zip-arch content.
  14. [Release] Shinobi White

    That's a good thing. Thank you!