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  1. Customizing Thunderbird 2.0

    To load images : Option/Confidentialities (Something like that...)/Général : Uncheck The red point
  2. Add background to windows folder

    Yes it works ! Thanks, man.
  3. (Hope it's post in the right section) Hello ! I'd like to know how I can put a background/pattern to my windows (on Windows XP) ? Like here or in the Buuf' icons set folders : Thanks a lot in advance, See ya !!
  4. What's your screen size and resolution?

  5. Any Affordable Bape Clothing?

    Buy Fape, that's a shame. But, Bape is really expensive. :mad:
  6. playstation 3 or nintendo wii

    I don't play video game a lot/at all, but I would prefer the Sony Playstation 3.
  7. V.O.I.D for Firefox 1 or 2 ?

    Aww ! Thank you so much for sharing this theme, I really needed it ! Thanks again.
  8. V.O.I.D for Firefox 1 or 2 ?

    Ah ! On deviantart I mean
  9. Hello everybody, I am looking for the V.O.I.D theme for Firefox. I can't find it anywhere and vkeios is banned. So please, could you share this theme. Please.
  10. What do you Look Like?

    I'm OK with her.
  11. What do you Look Like?

    Nice shot Link.
  12. Battle of the docks!

    I don't use RK Launcher anymore but it was my favourite dock.
  13. Long Road Ahead

    Wow, nice effect.
  14. DMD - Revolution - Wallpack

    Very nice, man, Thanks !