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  1. Micro Animals - handle with care :-)

    these are fantastic, thank you
  2. Dunny

    LINK Found this pattern on the Kidrobot site and thought it would look good as a pattern. Stitched together the pattern to make this. I dont take credit for any of the artwork, just did it to share with the community. Hope it is enjoyed. I included a blank black and white version so that you may recolor it how you wish, also I only included a 1280*1024 as that is what i use. Again use the blank one to make one as your needs require. -theevilcube
  3. Aqualogy + My name is Mac

    thanks, nice walls
  4. Color

    cool work, thanks
  5. Ekisho Deep Ocean

    These look great, thank you for this fine update.
  6. Thank you for converting and posting.
  7. Applidex (Beta)

    This looks awesome, trying it now.
  8. Reflections Vol. III

    Love these, thanks
  9. February '07 Desktops

    @coheed - The icons are called Serengeti
  10. February '07 Desktops

    First shot for me in 2007. It's been a while. CLICK
  11. Ekisho System set

    Looks amazing, thank you
  12. Flaked

    I like this a lot, thank you
  13. Suma-1

    Excellent, thank you all for porting this.
  14. Golden Folder Icon for Quick Launch Utilities

    These look great, thank you for another fine release.
  15. firefox 2.0 round corners on search bar

    Get the extension Stylish, then goto and install Wellrounded 2.