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  1. few icons

    Anyone have that popcorn icon without the transparent rim? Thanks!
  2. appletv

    Amazing work .. thank you!
  3. I need a ton of icons

    Amazing Icons! Thanks so much guys. I haven't checked aqua soft in some time so i'm happy to see that the quality of icons developed around these parts has not dropped. Great stuff. Thank you all
  4. Yeti Box 2

  5. Aqua Story 1 for Mac & PC

    Thanks very much
  6. Aqua Story 1 for Mac & PC

    Would you mind sharing that icontainer, working title?... Just wondering, thanks
  7. SuMa-1 Iconset

    These are amazing .. thanks for the great work!
  8. Finding this screenshot icon

    WOW those are really nice ... i would love to get my hands on this as well
  9. May '06 Desktops

    Comments are appreciated !!
  10. Aqua Neue

    Amazing!!!!! Thank You!
  11. lovely 2 icons

    Thanks Ronnie
  12. Qee icons from Zaft . . . Part 2!

    hurrah! thanks zaft!
  13. Hard to find icons!

    netox RULEZZZZZ!
  14. Simplicity Set

    Yes Please don't give up vitor! I'll eagerly await vol 2! Thanks
  15. Simplicity Set

    Yeah definitely not a rip... in my mind its good for release.