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  1. AutoMounter Fix (AveDesk 1.2)

    yeah dead link!
  2. AVEdesk like Dashboard

    Noob here don't really know how to do it avedesk. Can u give a me a step by on step on it?
  3. Req: I wanna dog on my desktop

    Well not like dogz or catz something like nintendogs!!! In 3d and as cute as nintnedogs!!!
  4. Wouldn't it be nice to have a 3d pet on your desktop something as realistic as nintendogs? I mean let just not limit to just dogs why have pokemon pets on your desktop running around eating up loads of ram.The dogs should also be able to alarm if your downloads are done some stuff like fetch email or whatever wouldn't that we COOL? Any comments or reactions will be welcome .
  5. [Release] Ashlee Simpson Brushed Style

    I pitty this girl!!! Ever since she got that dreadful lipsync hoe-down problem in SNL. She never quite rebounded again :-(. I definitely know that she can sing although her genre or her image as rock chick doesnt quite well fit in her bubbly personality. But I wonder has the staff & crew of SNL ever in their entire fcuk up like what happened to Ashley? Hmp? If u ask me maybe it wasn't an accident. Sigh!!! The more I looked into the wallpaper the more I feel depressed coz, she is a poster girl of broken dreams :-(
  6. Will AveDesk 1.3 ever see daylight?

    If the team decides it to b a payware then so be it!!! i means its a gr8 product. If they would like to know how much the market is will'g to pay 4 the product then they should survey their market ie put a poll survey r8 here. But with payware comes with xtreme expectation. For me if it ever become a payware I expect it to eat lesser memory and the widget are more intuitive and the integration of aveshell with avedesk. I also agree that piracy will b a problem. But despite all that u don't see alot of companies closing bcoz of it. If u want it to be a payware I suggest u keep a close tab on your customers or giv perks to ppl who buy the original. Make ur customers become part of ur company make them feel that every dollar they put in is for the betterment of the software not just for profit. Better to earn something from what you enjoy doing than earn nothing from what ur doing! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BTW don't sell it to MS better yet patent ur software and giv MS the r8 to integr8 ur software to MS. Gr8 businessmen don't sell their business ideas they sell their ideas thru product. If u think this prog will sell then by all means!
  7. [Help] how do I install avetunes?

    What part of ini should I edit?
  8. What are the files/dlls needed to install to avetunes widget? Also I would really like to know how to adjust or resize these widget because after resizing and u try to move these widgets they go back to their original sizes. Unlike the desklets where u can easily do it!
  9. I'm quite new to avedesk and I was wonderin how do I resize systats widgets? unlike the desklets u can easily resize them but 4 me I having though time doing it! So if someone knows how 2 do it pls tell me. BTW what are the files and the procedure to install avetunes. I really love avedesk but it really needs a bit of work! Thanks in advance!!!
  10. [preview] Rk Dock

    Can u add shortcuts or icons with it? I guess not since I tried entering the configurations and all! BUT I LOVE IT!!! My Yzdock days maybe numbered!!! hehe!!! Anyways hope in the beta version some the option of a regular dock will be available!!!
  11. [preview] Rk Dock

    Okey gud hopefully u could release it as soon as possible!!! Very excited!!!
  12. Here's the link I have to say that its very COOL The user's name is Apache-User
  13. [preview] Rk Dock

    I agree with steelfist u don't wanna end up the way Mr. Yamaguchi (Not sure about the spelling!) did!