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  1. Watercolor Emico: Blue

    wicked theme any chance of theme black like thinner title bar and taskbar like Lune element compact
  2. WWDC rumour, speculation and dreams

    and hopefully a slimmer 3G iPhone
  3. change the font in the Skin.ini file for ur OB theme or the .obskin file open with notepad n replace OBFONT with lucidagrande.
  4. March '08 Desktops

  5. i think he wanta CS to split into 2 screens so 1/2 on one screen and 1/2 on the other maybe :/ hence 2880x900 is 1440x900 x2 :/ i duno
  6. you uninstall windowblinds to use VS or import the VS via Skin Studio and use the vs via windowblinds
  7. Mac OS X Leopard 1.0

    theres 3 verions Mac OS X Leopard 1.30 which i made LONG time ago n then made 2.11 to the latest look of leopard and now a graphite substyle
  8. Desktop icons in different sizes

    use AveDesk
  9. Mac OS X Leopard 1.0

    done heres the link
  10. Leopard Smooth

    pleask ask me if you used my traffic light resoucres next time
  11. Button Problem

    try delete the theme and add it again
  12. Button Problem

    re apply the theme. or reboot the pc
  13. Mac OS X Leopard 1.0

    which 1 u talking bout do you want the bottom to have no curve on safari EDIT = Ok Fixed downlaod the Final version 2.11 should have no problems now
  14. Mac OS X Leopard 1.0

    in skin studio i think goto Miscelleanois then Colors and change the value in there