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  1. Hi guys, i found this at macthemes but i've no account there to ask. somebody help me find this wallpaper! thank you. >>this wallpaper<<
  2. '09 Desktops

    ahhhh... i love her!
  3. '09 Desktops

    Nice 1 parry, can you please post the lens icon. tnx
  4. '08 Desktops

    Happy Christmas... Warning: NSFW
  5. yes. k550i is 176x220 im pretty sure it'll work on w810i...
  6. thanks furikuu, ive change everything.... check it out!
  7. Using themes with flyakite osx

  8. Some Icons Please

    try curves.
  9. Brush icon

    TF- i knew it!!! ur so good.. thanks so much! tassol- thats awesome too... ty.
  10. Brush icon

    i'll try.... calling mr. laetris, travelfox and bastete...
  11. Trash icons by ve

    what permission?
  12. Brush icon

    dodge, ghost... thanks a lot! @ jannie B - ty for the info, do you have that brush icon?
  13. Looking 4 this wallpaper

    omg! you are really cool zero... thanks so much.