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  1. [help] Avedesk 1.3 Problem

    ay corrumba thx guys yeah i'm an idiot
  2. [help] Avedesk 1.3 Problem

    ahhh how about the flip affects?
  3. [help] Avedesk 1.3 Problem

    i can't get any of the new animations even up like i don't see the close button on the widgets or desklets as well as the flip animations i fully exceed the requirements :|
  4. AveDesk 1.3

    alright i have no idea how to get the close and flip effect can someone help that would be awesome
  5. AveDesk 1.3

    Any ideas how to get the close effect and the suck effect does it work with like the recyclebin and stuff like the or only docklets like they stickey notes