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  1. Yz Shadow

    Hi there check this link.
  2. Hi there Very nice seeing that someone still out there Gonna give it a try Thanks for your time and hard work
  3. Help Find A Clock Widget

    Don't have a clue how you make it bigger . More widgets are at the link i gave you above.
  4. Help Find A Clock Widget

    It's SysStats follow the link .
  5. Hi there. Take a look here or here.
  6. Resurrecting Rk Launcher Soon

    Yes indeed very long time no see. Really happy that after all this time you decided to bring it to life again. Hope to see some new elements in RK Launcher cause it's the dock that stayed longer on the desktops of most people around here. It deserves a heavy update in order to continue using it for long time. Nice seeing you around again.
  7. Happy Birthday Levi!

    Best wishes .
  8. xp, vista common icon release

    Very clear and crispy thanks alot .
  9. A glass icon

    Waiting your new creation .
  10. A glass icon

    Nice work thanks alot .
  11. Seiko, Not just another watch

    Thanks alot , nicely done .
  12. Iconshop package

    Very good idea , go on for other appz too . Thanks for sharing .
  13. Jumsoft Process icon

    Here you go . The little purple is different a image .
  14. RK Launcher 0.41 beta build 111

    The latest version of RKLauncher is here . It's 0.41 beta build 282 .
  15. RK Launcher 0.41 beta build 111

    Here you go . Limited time . Why you want this specific version ?