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  1. Newest version of AveTunes and AveDesk?

    For some reason it seems that my job is blocking the page... hmmm... can someone provide me with a link to download the newest versions or perhaps and alternate page I can grab them from?
  2. Ok so I'm looking all over and even googling it I find so many versions of the same apps on many forums, it's like there really isn't one concise home page or site that gets updated with the latest ave news and release version of different ave apps. After going Vista on my home PC all the ave apps I was used to using were crashing all the time so I stopped using them. Now I'm back on XP and I've been gone so long that I don't even know where to start lol. I'd like to to get the newest/most stable version of both Ave Desk and AveTunes... Which versions should I get? :slant:
  3. Latest version of RK Launcher?

    Thanks bro.
  4. Where can I find the latest version? The Nightly thread looks like it hasn't been posted in since 2007... I believe I read where the latest version has the new Leopard like dock... I'd love to use that. Thanks in advance guys.
  5. Well then I guess my question is kinda moot. The reason Im asking is that I find objectbar rather buggy whats a good, clean, stable OSX skin for objectbar?
  6. Are there any good objectbar alternatives for getting the MacOSX menu bar systems instead of the startmenu/taskbar of windows?
  7. I'm on a quest to find the best, most effective, efficient, and hassel free way to make windows look like OSX. I know I know...I know what everyone can just scour the net and check for stuff..but this takes a lot of time and extra rebooting, and downloading only to find out you don't like what done, then you have to undo etc... I'm just trying to figure out a few things. 1. What's the best dock to use....I currently use Y'z, but I've seen peole use Moby, OD, and RKLauncher....what do you guys think the best is so far? 2. What's the best msstyle(a released one) to use? I make sure to specify released because I've seen some great ones, but the people showing them off say it's unreleased etc...which is still something I don't get. Why go through all the trouble of making a great work, and then just keep it...not sharing with the community that makes all this stuff thrive? Makes no sense to me...I guess for their own personal enjoyment...but wheres the fun or community feel in that? 3. What do you guys think the best ObjectBar theme is..Again, a RELEASED one. I'm just curious about peoples opinions on how good a sleek you can get your windows desktop looking...and how closely you can get it to look authentic with these apps and what's the best way to go about it... Please post constructive stuff only, no flaming. Have fun with this one. Screenshots are most definately welcome...try to only post an ss if you list links to the stuff used in it though. :cool:
  8. Weather??????

    I user the regular weather dock for avedesk right now..but I've seen some others that show the weeks forcast and they have very perdy icons...any idea what other weather docks there are?
  9. bb4win and avedesk

    I started bb4win, and then started avedesk 1.1 and I don't see my there a special way to use bb4win and avedesk, do I have to load it in the slit or something? Can anyone help? :slant: