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  1. [Release] - Hamachi Status Checker

    @proenca - Whoops. I guess I removed that from the original script. I've attached a fixed version now where clicking the text forces a re-check of the status. @dreadnaut - Thanks. You pointed me in the right direction to get this started though.
  2. Never used Hamachi? Visit www.hamachi.cc to see what it's all about. Hamachi creates a virtual LAN between computers over the internet. When you've got two computers connected through the Hamachi network, you can browse your Windows Shares, use Remote Desktop, and anything else that you would do on a LAN. It's all 256-bit encrypted, and you don't have to worry anymore about port forwarding! Another feature of Hamachi is their Web Status Indicator. You can check the status of any Hamachi computer by visiting http://my.hamachi.cc/status/text.php?5.x.x.x. This desklet checks the status of any computer with the Hamachi Web Status Indicator enabled. Just copy the contents to the /AveDesk/Desklets/AveScripter/ folder and set the Hamachi IP of the computer you want to check. Script based on Andreas' Website Checker script. Graphics courtesy of Hamachi. Edit - Script updated to add manual checking as well. Click on the name to force a check of the status. HamachiStatus.zip
  3. Hamachi Status

    I never said that I made the script. I just said that I had it. I'll look into modifying the Website checker script though. Thanks.
  4. Hamachi Status

    I'm not sure if this should go here or in the AveDesk requests forum. If it's in the wrong place, sorry. I was wondering if anyone would be able to make a simple AveScripter desklet that checks the online status of a computer based on it's Hamachi status. I've got a PHP script that does this on my site - Link. Basically, what the script does is checks the site http://my.hamachi.cc/status/text.php? and then displays a green, yellow, or red dot accordingly. For the status on my laptop, for example, you can check here You can grab the source for my status page here. Thanks in advance.
  5. "Beta" of AveDesk 2

    It would show the used space, free space, and then percentage full. Something like
  6. "Beta" of AveDesk 2

    Is it possible to add in the old PidlShortcut sublabel formatting? I've always used the following for my hard drives: %s of %t%#(%pU%%) but I can't seem to find an equivalent now.
  7. avedesk 2.0 Preview Thread

    @nc - Hehe... Ave has already done such an awesome job on this. AveDesk 2.0 beta is actually almost stable enough to go final! Let's all give the guy the break he deserves.
  8. TabbedDock 1.0

    Wow...I'm quite impressed by this. This is what I was waiting for when you came out with the ring version. Just a suggestion - would it be possible for the hotkey to return focus to the previous app when it's pressed a second time? Other than that, it's just wicked.
  9. Avedesks for Mac OS X?

    lmao... AveDesk rules...
  10. OSX Volume Indicator

    This is a lot better now pcm. Thanks for the work on this.
  11. AveDock (Beta)

    Wow... this is pretty wicked. It's so easy to use and configure. I'll be using this until you find the time to make a straight one. Would it also be possible to set this to double-click for opening? I've never really been a fan of the single-click-open of the dock. Keep up the good work.
  12. OSX Volume Indicator

    Hehe... Yeah, and that's on a 15.4" 1680x1050 display. So it's pretty small on my screen.
  13. Searching: Testers for next AveDesk

    Hey Andreas, Let me know if you want some more help. Credentials: 1.3 beta tester, general computer geek, devoted fan, etc etc Cheers!
  14. Pidlshorcut not updating

    I think the problem is just that AveDesk only updates when a new file is created or a file is deleted. If you download a file and the size grows incrementally, Avedesk won't pick this up. If you're using torrents, see if your client (I recommend uTorrent) supports allocating the full file size on start. That way, AveDesk will show the correct disk space, and you'll also reduce fragmentation on your hard drives.
  15. OSX Volume Indicator

    Here's a screenie of what I mean by "tearing". You can see that the bar isn't perfectly straight, but instead it's off by a pixel or so. Any ideas?