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  1. Photo Booth like app for Windows XP?

    Best alternative is youcam 2.
  2. one of my styler tb theme have a create new folder function on the toolbar and i was wondering if i can replace that with a delete function since i use it more often. the code for that create new folder look like this NewFolder=folders.png,247,8 i tried to replace NewFolder with Delete but that didn't work.
  3. weather

    I dl this weather but cant seem to get it working correctly. i was able to get my location but is in Celsius and i want Fahrenheit. also does any1 know what font the authoring is using? i ask him but have not receive an answer yet. thanks.
  4. Star

    That's it! Thanks:d
  5. Star

    I am looking for a yellow star so that I can use it on my taskbar. I remember seeing this star that was use in miranda im but I can't seem to find it now. The closest I can find is this one. Thanks.
  6. This robot

    that's it. thanks guys.
  7. This robot

    I remember seeing this on mactheme but can't seem to find it in my collection. Does any1 remember what this thing is called?
  8. What's this? Winamp?

    true launch bar
  9. This star looking thingy

    @Bastete Much better looking than mine. I need to practice more. lol. Thanks.
  10. This star looking thingy

    thanks you guys. @alpha2zulu Thank you so much. Knowing what it's call make it much easier to google for a tutorial.
  11. Strange req I know but does any1 have this star looking thingy shape. I am doing an ads and I need something similar to it. I saw it before when people post up new rel. Thanks.
  12. September '07 Desktops

    @longcdn r you using samurize to create that menu effect on your taskbar?
  13. September '07 Desktops

    thank you so much, those walls that you're about to rel r amazing, especially the leaves one.
  14. September '07 Desktops

    @Psychopulse What icon set are you using for your finder icons?