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  1. Autohotkey almost did the trick. Its a very nice progie but it only allows to assign 5 mouse buttons and I have 8 and the one I want to use as "Expose" is not assignable Thanx anyway ppoppe! Any other ideas anyone?
  2. My friends and me are thinking to send a mass petition to logitech about their Setpoint software. Its so freakin ugly that the development team should be fired completely as to me. Any ideas how to assign buttons? I`ve heard of programs that can do it but never installed one.
  3. I`m loving my MX1000 from Logitech, but I just hate its drivers. Logitech made drivers with huge memory footprint, slow and ugly. So I`m looking for some program that can bind mouse keys to specific actions. For example I`d like to make buttons 3,4 and 5 do some keyboard shortcuts like CTRL+ALT+F or something.s This way I want to make TopDesk expose mode to be activated by mouse. Anyone has any suggestions?
  4. How to remove Spotlight icon from WindowBlinds theme?

    Thank you! I found how to adjust the margin manually. Skinstudio is so slow and ugly
  5. I tried a bunch of TLB skins and didn't find anything I'd really like. Anything that would blend with different themes perfectly, not only some specific theme. So here`s my version o TLB skin - iBlend. Its almost fully transparent and this way it adopts the currently used taskbar style. Download! Best if used with with Stomp, Samui, Ruler, Lie, Truth or Aqua style. Enjoy!
  6. I have a windowblinds setup based on "Ruler" theme by duyvan82. As you know most of the macish themes right now have a Spotlight icon on the right side of the taskbar. I don`t need this icon since its not functional. Can someone tell me how to remove it? I found a file that contains the taskbar background in the theme folder and photoshopped the icon out of it, but I still have a blank space there because its some kind of a margin as I understand. Is there a way to remove that margin? I want the clock to be closer to the right side of the taskbar.
  7. [Release] Vintage

    The server is up! Astyanax, Maybe I`ll do the widescreen version, but not right now. If you want I can share the photoshop template.
  8. [Release] Vintage

    The server will be up in a few days. Sorry I have some problems with it right now.
  9. [Release] Vintage

    I personally use the olive one. The texture is very aggressive so the colours must be light to work comfortably as to me.
  10. [Release] Vintage

    This is my first work. 6 wallpapers + bonus. 1280x1024 resolution Preview: Download (5.7MB): Enjoy!
  11. [RELEASE] Longhorn Percept

    I like it very much. I would switch to this skin from any other skin I have if there was a version with thin toolbar. I love the thick one but its more of a concept - not usable in real life.
  12. [release] Niqu for Windowblinds

    What font is used on a screenshot? My fonts get substituted...
  13. [release] Niqu for Windowblinds

    the close button doesn`t work all other do. WB5 bug.
  14. [help] Where does my memory go?

    owenreading, I just made three 256 MB swaps on three drives I use. Lets see how this will work. About windows memory model - I`m not a programmer and most of the information about this requires programming knowledge. I think there would be a lot of people to say "Thank you" if someone could translate these from programmers language to more simple consumer language. We don`t actually care about how it works, we care what numbers we should keep low to make it run fast and what numbers we should not care about. I hear a lot of talks about what makes window run slower or faster but there is no one who can actually de-mystify this stuff for the masses.
  15. [help] Where does my memory go?

    owenreading, i turned off the swap file and the system runs smoother now. But now I have to worry about memory, because I hate it when I install a new game or open 15 files in photoshop and get "out of memory" from programs. It happens sometimes and makes me think of buying 2Gb RAM. Thats why i`m so concerned about keeping my memory free. Because you never know what other programs you`ll have to run tomorrow.