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  1. AveDesk 1.3

    Yer, i think we need a mirror, quick!
  2. Nope, anyone who purchased it in the last 30 days can get a full refund. Current customers recieve premium support Untill Opera 9. I hope a lot of aqua-soft members switch to opera, then we can see some wicked skins for it
  3. [Help] Countdown?

    Yeh, i searched for countdown but i only found Samurize scripts, just searched systats only and found the nin countdown script, sorry >.
  4. [Help] Countdown?

    Does anyone know how i could make a countdown to christmas using systats? Preferably somthing that would look like just without the background, is it possible? Cheers. - R
  5. [release] Ipod Shuffle Icons

    I don't have a shuffle, but DAM, those icons are going on my desktop. Flippin amazing man
  6. The program itself isn't warez, things that are available through it could be, as with any P2P program. Thats just like saying 'Hey, let's not discuss web browser's here because you can use them to go on to illegal sites', ya know?
  7. [Release] CisplatinX GUIKit for Windows

    Cheers amitsaraf32, now i'm getting lines uner the apple logo and the bit which would usually expand the system tray :/ (excuse the crappy screenshot, don't have PS installed atm ]
  8. [Release] CisplatinX GUIKit for Windows

    What font do i need (Or which one are you using in the screenshot)? It uses tahoma/verdana/arial (i really can't tell the difference between them when there small ) for me, and it looks quite crappy :/ Edit: Also, there ain't a button for the 'Show hidden icons' on the systray :slant:
  9. [help] Enabling Glass on Vista

    What Video card do you have? For the nvidia 6xxx's you need the LDDM drivers from there website
  10. [Preview] Layered Drives

    Wow Sweet
  11. Simple Finder Beta1

    Most of the links point to the wrong place :/
  12. Wow Now i need to go and buy TLB again
  13. [WIP] Milkap

    Wow, lookin forword to the release rimshot
  14. Working Spotlight clone?

    It looks like this one: http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread.php?t=25621&page=1 But this one is pretty cool too: http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread....newpost&t=27358