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  1. Any Of The Originals Here Still

    lol. no =]
  2. 2010 Desktops

    long time no see a-s luve u! :heart:
  3. Hello I would like to know is there any good screensaver to display webpages? I found cool web page with design quotes display system, where quotes appear one after another at random. Head over to and take a look.
  4. doh.. Thank you. I didn't saw it's available for windows. (to much werk here?)
  5. Kludgets

    I was looking for cool screen saver for win7 and found this cool widget. Works fine with Kludget Engine. PolarClock an OSX Dashboard Widget here [zip] Mac OS X Widget 356Kb
  6. Hello. Anyone care to port Flip Clock Screensaver for Snow Leopard to windows 7? found it on this web site - http://shirtmullet.com/flip/ - It’s the Flip Clock from 9031.com, which unfortunately doesn’t work in Snow Leopard. P.S. Also found cool screen saver for Mac and Windows. Thought I will share it with you - http://blog.pixelbreaker.com/polarclock - Greets!
  7. Wmp Hider V1.0

    Thanks for releasing it. I will try.
  8. Firefox 3 Released

    could you explain step by step what should I change and where? cos my ff now looks so messy
  9. Leopard Skin for PowerDVD

    Not working with v8 here. update it plz! Lol
  10. ania u could try searching here - http://www.dockex.com/all/page1/ -
  11. [Release] AvePreview Pack

    jejejejeje! Thank you so much:)
  12. [req] Picasa 1.6

    werks fine for me... http://www.tucows.com/preview/348746
  13. Fonts within Trillian pro skins

    nausiashredsyrhead can ya share with us dat "ichat bold" font please! r this font looks better than LucidagrandeBold from this pack http://blitzr.deviantart.com/art/Mac-OS-X-...d-1-29-38749022 ?
  14. This Font

    I had LucidagrandeBold font it looks best. But after reinstalling OS I lost it. If anyone still have this font help! @) And yes "Lucida G" and "Lucida Gr" r close to it. Thanks virstulte for the Link. 8) Edit: All all font in this pack this is so coolio...