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  1. Welcome Flyakite

    Amazing... to have a Fly-a-kite session on the forum is great. Welcome Chris, now your apps have a new home.
  2. FlyakiteOSX v3.0

    Congratulations Chris. I´m still downloading (comming very fast BTW) and the site is really amazing. I know i can expect a perfect app... thanks for all your efforts.
  3. Reflective AlbumArt2 for Winamp & iTunes

    Whopps. Sorry. BTW, i´ve installed it and, so far, didn´t work for me. It´s just me or it can´t get AlbumArt from the ID3 Tag for Winamp?
  4. Reflective AlbumArt2 for Winamp & iTunes

    I just want to help... i´ve found that Konfab's widget that work with Winamp... just lacks the CoverArt, but controls Winamp (even things like Shuffle, Repeat, Volume or Progress bar). I know it´s f**gly... but i guess it can help. This Winamp Konfab´s Widget that i've forgot. EDIT: I´ve forgot the widget link.
  5. [Release] XDeskCal 2.3

    I´ve really loved your app. Sad i don´t have a International CreditCard, but a will try to find some friend that let me use his card. Great job with the app.
  6. [release] NIMMER for AveScripter

    If makes you feel better, i can´t won anyway i try!! My math skills are terrible, really terrible. And, since i can´t read code, i can´t even cheat!!! OMG!!! BTW... great Desklet, cool and beautyfull.
  7. [rel] RSS New Update

    Put the mouse over the bottom-right corner of the RSS Feeder and click the Flip Button that should appear there. Thanks for the update, everything working fine here!
  8. [Release] Riga Dark Aqua Avedesk skins pack

    Amazing job... i don´t like dark themes very much... but your collection can make me change opinion. Thanks.
  9. There is anyway to batch all pictures from ID3Tag v2 and put on the folder with folder.jpg name? I have Tag&Rename... but besides being an amazing app to organize MP3, its don´t do this.
  10. I loved this app... but some covers shows, others don´t, and i just guess why since the files are almost the same (all my folder is on ID3V2 TAG.
  11. Calculator Widget 0.1.0

    Amazing. Especialy amazing because i just hate the Dashboard Calculator, all orange and everything, so the brushed version is the right one for my desktop. Thanks for realizing a dream.
  12. Twisted Metal AveDesk Logo

    Whoa... that would make an amazing icon for avedesk!! Maybe you can try a "animated" version for the tray too!!
  13. iTunes keeps opening, and opening.

    I can´t explaing why... but somehow, removing the shortcut to iTunes from the ObjectDock helped a lot... three days without iTunes opening alone (and i´m using AveTunes).
  14. [Link] JacketTunes by Ryo

    Wow, a new favorite on my desktop!!
  15. iTunes keeps opening, and opening.

    That's really cool. Now, let's just hope that Ave's reads this tread. But, thats happening even without any Systats or Avetunes, whats made me thought that could be because of MultiPlugin.