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  1. AveDesk 1.3

    nvm! that was weird
  2. AveDesk 1.3

    wow, i picked a great time to check aqua soft lol *goes to try it*
  3. [Release] iTunes Siro 6

    is there a VS to go with this?
  4. [Release] Alluvium Magnite iTunes 5

    lol, she was just trying to help out
  5. [RELEASE] Milk for iTunes 6

    anyone know the visual style that matches this?
  6. [release] Multi-Plugin 2.0 Beta Refresh

    killing konfab works beautifully! FINALLY! i opened it, and closed it right up.. watched the process list... and 30 seconds later it dissapeared and i was able to restart my pc + multiplugin 2.0 beta refresh + localhost's newer mplugin dll - konfab = bliss now to find another app to give me weather that wont interfere
  7. [release] Multi-Plugin 2.0 Beta Refresh

    i've got aim, ad watch, maxthon, avedesk, and konfabulator running usually when i open itunes
  8. [release] Multi-Plugin 2.0 Beta Refresh

    yeaah, i was able to fix song tags and go scroll through my ipod songs very quick, but it still goes 100% usage it was a nice fix to speed it up, it just doesnt fix the usage
  9. [release] Multi-Plugin 2.0 Beta Refresh

    both, it was slowing down using the app, and slowing down closing it edit: i had a mild crash yesterday where it wouldnt close, but i needed a restart anyway? ;
  10. [release] Multi-Plugin 2.0 Beta Refresh

    noooo localhost, dont back off the new method lol.. it works way faster for me, and i switch back and forth from it with ease.. keep it going! or at least keep that dll an option in the future lol
  11. hey, i know you'd probably need an ipod to do this, but is there anyway to skin the ipod button & the ipod stats bar that shows the gbs and the space left?
  12. [release] Multi-Plugin 2.0 Beta Refresh

    localhost, that new fix is great. no great is too small, its AMAZING i've never had itunes move so fast, ever. *bows down* i've encountered no errors yet but i'll keep you updated if i do
  13. [release] Multi-Plugin 2.0 Beta Refresh

    I've been having this problem for a while, and i've seen other people speak on it. I've noticed, and compared lots of times, that with multiplugin, my iTunes runs slower, like it just gained 10 pounds and forgot the gatorade at home. It's not a mistake, i've uninstalled and reinstalled both iTunes and the multiplugin and noticed the difference. Also.. either iTunes closes easily, closes to have the iTunes process continue to run and hit insane memory usage numbers (and still refuse to close with the task manager) or just plain freeze and freeze everything else, even the task manager, forcing a restart. I love the app, and I love the beauty of a skinned iTunes, but I love my iPod more. If push comes to shove, i'll hafta.. *braces self* .. live without multiplugin. If anyone has any tips or theories about my problem, i'd be happy to hear them. If it helps, i'm running Windows XP SP2 and of course, using iTunes with Multi-Plugin 2.0 Beta Refresh.
  14. [release] Multi-Plugin 0.68 Beta

    i've gotta couple requests, just to see if they're possible 1) New time conversion - whenever i use itunes to burn a cd, i get irritated with seeing 1 hour, or having it rounded out but then not be able to burn, i was wondering if there was a way to make it show minutes in playlists, maybe even mbs 2) 100% volume import - i usually hate having to do this, so i was wondering if theres a way to have all the incoming tracks, be already put at +100 instead of 0 3) best id3 tags - same as above, but convert them to the best tag format on library import just ideas, but if they cant be done, its no problem, i love this program and my ipod loves the itunes and foobar2000 menage a trois :cool:
  15. [release] Multi-Plugin 0.67 (Beta)

    hey localhost, is there anyway to add into multiplugin a way to keep the main itunes lowered and keep an alternate playlist window up? everytime i make my ipod an alternate window from itunes, the main window rears its ugly head all the time. thanks if you can, thanks still if you cant