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  1. New Site Design. Opinions needed

    I liked it, nice and clear oh btw, nice print work
  2. iPod Art

    Nice, great work
  3. Styler
  4. Compressed file type icons

    Oh yea, these are Just great
  5. MacPro Speakers

    If you can afford the Mac Pro, don't run out for either logitech Z-5500 or the Altec Lansing FX6021, Order the Bose or visit a Bose retailer.... it makes all the difference!
  6. Over again, a New RK Launcher Leopard Inspired Released!!!!

    This is a great project, the last built failed to auto start with windows (VISTA), & the KKMenu needs a help file kinda not so user friendly hope that this bug gets addressed ;-)
  7. NorthSea Sunset by ~saskia

    nice . . .
  8. QuickSilver goes OSS

    Good INfo, thanks
  9. My workshop : Sexy wallpaper

    lame, no art, no logic... focus on the study. get some inspiration. do not become a cookie cutter. u got a start which is more than most, where will U go from here is on You, but remember this. take it to a higher level because we are so tired of the cookie cutter approaches. nice clean htm, that I liked.
  10. Woody

    nIce, matches my Desk
  11. The Most Beautiful Walls

    Nice Link
  12. HDDVue (Beta)

    this si just great work, can you mod it to the vista sidebar?
  13. DJ Theme

    no pre-view?
  14. Where to get this Black Vinyl Wallpaper?

    This is a great wall, thanks for the post
  15. Gilouche

    Very Nice, well done ;-)