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  1. WindowFX bug?

    Nevermind, solved the problem, thanks Setting the postion to Y=25 and unchecking 'keep the taskbar on top of other windows' under taskbar properties does it.
  2. WindowFX bug?

    But that would make the newly opened windows appear at the wrong position
  3. WindowFX bug?

    Hi all, i've been using windowfx to control the size of the maximized window, and it works great, except for a bug. Now when i open a new window, it looks normal, like this However, when i minimize the window, and open it again, it looks like this, with the taskbar of the window hidden below the windows taskbar. Is there any solution to this problem?
  4. April 2005 Screenshots Thread

    Click for the full shot Details in the link
  5. W-T-F [cb]

    Patrick Yan said... NOOOO!!!! :'( damned M$..this was one of the BEST OS X AND PHOTOSHOP sites and i had it on newsfire for EVER, but now you go and deface it with an ugly windows flab CB logo and "MS"CreativeBits.. sorry, this was a horrible decision on your part :cool:
  6. Goodbye Aqua-Soft :)

    Take care man, it will be my turn to enter the army next year
  7. [request]Need this icons..

    Minium Icons
  8. [Release] AQUA CANDY ICONS

    First desktop screenshots, then visual styles, and now, icons. what's next?
  9. March 2005 Screenshots Thread

    Incendia... Details in the link
  10. Aqua Story 1 for Mac & PC

    how about both?
  11. March 2005 Screenshots Thread

    Details in the link
  12. March 2005 Screenshots Thread

    nice desk susumu... where can i find those folder icons on the right?