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  1. Hello there, Aqua-soft! The moment I saw an article about Mac OS wallpapers at high resolution, I knew this was the place to post it, even after all these years. The article has more than a dozen wallpapers at 5K resolution, but I've collected the classic aqua one in the zip attached below, for glorious archival. And the jaguar one is back of my desktop, 15 years later. classic-aqua.zip
  2. Any Of The Originals Here Still

    Hello there, nice to see a few names I remember And thank you Timan for keeping the forum up. The mac/windows customisation movement might have slowed and slowed, but I appreciate being able to come back and find all the old posts and tutorials and links still up —instead of a giant 404.
  3. Ipod Touch Jailbreaking?

    the suggestion to use ziphone with a 2g touch wasn't safe to begin with. 2g jailbreak has only been available for a couple of week, since March, and there is no "one-click" solution yet. However, I tried on mine a few days ago, following the step by step instructions, and it works fine.
  4. Dock For Earlier Windows Machines

    Definitely Y'Z dock, which uses fewer resources than any other dock. You'll need gdiplus though, which might or might not be available for ME. If the laptop has at least 128MB of ram, it deserves Windows 2000. Will be actually faster than ME, more secure, and gdiplus works - so AveDesk, Y'Z software, etc.
  5. On Screen - Reader Project

    I would suggest smaller widgets, and longer lines: around 11-14 words per line is supposed to be the best. Justification is good for eye-candy, but not necessary for ease of use - if you can't do it properly, avoiding vertical trails, just go for left-justified.
  6. Ipod Touch Jailbreaking?

    when in recovery mode, iTunes can usually fix it. Anyway, at the moment there is no jailbreak option for the iPod touch of the 2nd generation.
  7. M. Yamaguchi Is Back?

    I'm moved, Mr. Y is back! it's like a giant flashback. The english version is just the same page fed through google translate - but google changed ip address or something - here's a replacement link. (edit: not that it helps ) I love how Y'z Shadows fades the taskbar now. I couple of thinks I'll suggest on the website (edit: comments closed...) the taskbar shadow could fade too it'll be nice if the taskbar could pop into the foreground if the mouse touches the top edge of the desktop - like a dock - so I could leave it the background all the time, forgotten
  8. Happy Dreadnaut Day!

    oh... I didn't really expect people to open a thread for me thank you! it was actually my birthday, yes! Ha ha, I promise I'll always be ready to develop weird effects and random stuff!!
  9. [release] Delphi SDK 1.3

    you can try here: http://avedesk.org/desklets/development/
  10. $30... what to do?!

    Tiny ones though. Maybe action figures of hookers? Software, or donations indeed, I don't see the problem. I'm sure you use some freeware program, use this chance to give something back.
  11. Which Dock is Better?

    Y'z Dock for me aswell. Maybe because I'm not interested in fancy effects, but I just need a launcher with the right set of feature. Shift-click is essential for me, together with fast folder menues (middle click). And auto-hide delay, that RK doesn't offer. And overall, Y'z is lighter :|
  12. Poll-Reflective Dock Name

    an official poll is dangerous, because then you have to accept the decision if you plan for success, the name is very important and it should not be chosen lightly. Think about search engines, originality, existing programs... you have to differentiate if you want to be innovative. Otherwise call it Yet Another Dock and we are done. edit: it took me three days to find it again! the new icon!
  13. Poll-Reflective Dock Name

    ehm, please don't take this thread seriously, as if we were deciding anything. It wasn't started in that direction, and we are just joking about names at this point, and you should have realized it. Noone would ever force a name on the developers: it's your creature and you decide what to do with it! still, it's quite fun to come up with random names and see how you can support them with arguments edit: I still can't resist to add this: thank god that the Firefox project had nothing to do with its name, with fire, foxes, or red pandas. Browsing the internet would be a real mess otherwise!
  14. Poll-Reflective Dock Name

    don't go off-topic in this really important thread :mad: the dock-that-is-not-yet. Search in this section of the forum and you'll find. Here we discuss names, but just for fun, nothing official
  15. Poll-Reflective Dock Name

    and then comes another reflective dock and it's called Reflective, Reflection, or Reflex or any other boring variation, and people stop identifying your product and instead of a bright advertisement, you get white noise. you can say "We called this dock Banana because it makes no sense. It's such a good product that it could have any name" I offer to create the website for free if it's called Banana Dock (with a space, and any amount of n's, the more the better) and maybe even if it's called BananaDock (a little bit less original, imho). Andreas and Phil know I deliever
  16. Poll-Reflective Dock Name

    after the jokes, I've just realized that maybe it should actually be called just Banana ! free advertisement - everyone will talk about the dock-with-a-strange-name easy to identify - a banana stands out, is a recognizable logo, it's usually unrelated to software (think about how the mozilla programs use animals - nothing to do with the programs or their features, but still they work) can you resist, when you get the change to have different "banana skins" ?
  17. Poll-Reflective Dock Name

    It's too late, decision has been taken Bannana Dock, with the unusual number of n's is clearly the winner. Now it's time to develop a yellow skin why call a dock "Dock" anyway, isn't that extremely boring?
  18. Hide IrfanView Toolbar

    ah, I see what you mean now. Yep, the Menu bar pops up again. Well, file a bug report on the IrfanView website, or live with it.
  19. Hide IrfanView Toolbar

    dunno, I press Alt-Shift-T and it's gone, even if I close and reopen the application
  20. Analysts say: Keep XP to 2009

    Microsoft is not going to listen to analysts, and should not. You never admit your product is not good enough and that what you had before was better, but you may concede that your product is not good enough and that what will come after will be much better. Love XP, can't stand Vista from a technical and user point of view, so I'm going to stick with the former for as long as possible. I'm not an OSX person, but I'm on the borderline, undecided on switching definitely to Linux (no, not ubuntu and friendly distibutions - old-style linux). Still, Windows 2k/XP feels better to me, so I'm sticking with it. I skipped a generation before (95/98/ME) so I suppose I can skip another without problems. If Windows 7 learns from the errors of Vista (invasive filtering, useless features, generic bloat, bad user interaction patterns), we can hope for a good OS, otherwise Linux is there, waiting and smiling. I agree with Daz above, Windows is a good system for business work, and there it should try to succeed again. Trendy kids can go mac (*), but a person sitting in a office for hours doesn't want animations and glitter: they want to get their work done as fast as possible, without anything in the way, without having to do something twice. Speed and stability, two things that Vista, in an office environment, SP1 or not SP1, doesn't seem to be delievering. If then you can run "RPG Maker" on it, that won't change the market (*) whops, flamebait, sorry, but sounds good, don't mind it edit: true, but why is it there? why did I have to pay for it? (Vista Business...)
  21. What is your screen's resolution?

    you really have some fetish with screen resolutions, don't you? :|
  22. How to change Windows Vista Startup Sound?

    or a branding operation. can you change the chord on a Mac? no, of course. the same goes for Vista, but you call it a "pointless implementation" only thing you can do is disable it, as far as I know, by changing a value somewhere in the registry. -> google
  23. hahaha, now you make me sound like a prehistoric kind of nerd I like eye-candy, as long as it gives me a consistant interface and it doesn't take me too much time to set up. I really think MightyBox would be great on Linux, were icons are all there ready to be used. They would be the same icons shown everywhere else in the system, and MB would blend perfectly in. The moment I have to download icons on windows, if that's automatic I'm pretty sure they won't look the same as the other icons that are around (if I don't spend time changing them) and they will be "additional" icons, in respect to those already in the application. let's hope for a better JVM to come, in the meanwhile I'd just stay with other eye-candy launchers that use my 48x48 icons, and wait for linux support ;-) now, I feel like I pulled this thread OT enough, so I apologize with everyone else. Give this program a shot, it's worth it just to know what could come out when it's fully developed, a complete QS clone!
  24. I'll explain myself better, not to be misread program not running, a directory full of 128x128 icons that have to be downloaded needs more resources than no directory of icons that does not need to be downloaded. Where by resources I mean space on disk, bandwith and time to download, and user time if that was not to be 100% transparent. Then again at runtime, loading 128x128 icons and scaling them down for the small list needs more resources (as in space and time) than loading 48x48 icons and not scaling them down or up. I'm actually worse than a programmer, I'm a computer scientist, so I tend to be more picky :-p