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  1. Christmas Tree Desklet

    Can someone convert this gadget to a desklet? http://gallery.live.com/liveItemDetail.asp...89bde&bt=1&pl=1 Or is there already a desklet like it?
  2. Virtual Console v0.1 alpha

    I'm having a problem I add the console and set it as show case, however if I quit then reopen Avedesk then I get an AveDesk 1.3 in my TaskBar. If I remove the console desklet then it dissapears.
  3. AveDesk 1.3 Bug report thread

    Bug description: When a label is rotated part of it becomes invisible Items involved: PIDL shortcut to USB drive I: Windows Version: Windows XP Home SP2 DirectX version: 9.0c System specs:Pentium M 1.5ghz, 512mb of DDR RAM Graphics card & drivers version: Ati Mobility Radeon 9600 Turbo with 128mb of RAM Desklets running: PIDL, Notes Steps to reproduce: 1. Create a PIDL shortcut 2. Set the PIDL shortcut to a removable drive. 3. Setup Label settings as per the image below Side note: What does that Top Down Check box do? Every time I check it the label text just dissapears.
  4. Proxy Configuration

    Yes please, I am anxious to get it working through my uni's proxy
  5. Proxy Configuration

    Where do I configure a proxy? Is it done globally for AveScripter or AveDesk? Or is it done on a per Desklet basis Or can it not be done at all
  6. [Release] DTCalander mod

    Open the scripts file, Change WeekPos = vbSunday ot WeekPos = vbMonday
  7. [Release] DTCalander mod

    Sorry guys but i have no idea how to 'emulate' this problem or how to fix it. one more this you might try: http://www.aaa-www.net/~aoq/monooki.html install the original systats configs and see if they work for you. That way I will know if its somthing that I changed or not
  8. [Release] DTCalander mod

    palaina It looks like the images are not showing up. Check if the image files are in the right place (AveDeskDockletsSysStatsimagesDTCal) Perhaps check the Calender script files. (AveDeskDockletsSysStatsscripts) DTCalender_black.vbs (open with notepad) Change Image_day = "imagesDTCalblack_Day.png" Image_Today = "imagesDTCalblack_Today.png" to Image_day = "C:Program FilesAveDeskDockletsSysStatsimagesDTCalblack_Day.png" Image_Today = "C:Program FilesAveDeskDockletsSysStatsimagesDTCalblack_Today.png" or to the location where you have the images. if that works then repeat for DTCalender_white.vbs
  9. [Release] DTCalander mod

    Can you tell me what other desklets/systats apps are running?
  10. [help] Weather Config Not Obtaining Data

    The Problem is you tried the new comm.spl file... That comm.spl file was new when this thread was new... about a year ago... So basically you installed an older file and thats why DTP is screwed. Place the original 2.5.4 comm.spl back in its place and DTP will work again.
  11. [Release] DTCalander mod

    Thats quite likley I saw a screenshot with a nice calander on the Neowin March Desktops thread and tryed to make my calender match that. At any rate thats another application that you wont need running in the background. juan22: You can edit the Script files and replace the english names with the language you prefer
  12. [help] Weather Config Not Obtaining Data

    Whoops my mistake.. Anyways im using v2.54
  13. [help] Weather Config Not Obtaining Data

    It didnt fix my issue. All I get is s% now. Is this supported throught an http proxy that doesent use the default port (mines uses 3128) Thats all I can think of that might be wrong. Pls help
  14. [Release] DTCalander mod

    Link Enjoy.
  15. Virtual Console v0.1 alpha

    Thx for this superb addon, I love it.