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  1. Theweather Desklet No Longer Working

    So what exactly has to be copied over. I tried changing the URL and it's not working. Please give an example. EDIT: I got it now. I was changing the wrong URL. Thanks
  2. Theweather Desklet No Longer Working

    Mine no longer works either. I tried entering a different address but it still doesn't work. Anyone know a fix?
  3. Looking for XP shell32.dll with Vista icons

    I did find a older version (6.0.2900.3051) of shell32.dll for XP. Don't know if this would work with my XP SP2, soon SP3. My version of shell32 is 6.0.2900.3241. Can I take out the icons from the older version and put them in mine using reshack?
  4. Does anyone have a custom XP shell32.dll but with Vista icons? I'm tired of XP icons. I want something new. Thanks EDIT: Sorry wrong forum. Please move to System File Modification Requests.
  5. Y'z weather docklet doesn't work recently

    I received an e-mail from weather.com that may be the problem to all this. I think I once signed up with them for the SDK or something but can't remember. Anyways read the attachment. I just hope AveDesk/SysStats weather doesn't stop working.
  6. Y'z weather docklet doesn't work recently

    I think the weather channel changed the way they send the feed. I'm in Canada and for me it was City, Province. Now it looks like City, Country.
  7. Y'z weather docklet doesn't work recently

    I'm having the same problem. This just started happening this week I think. Any way to fix this?
  8. NOD32 Version 3

    Looks good. Thanks
  9. NOD32 Version 3

    Does anyone have any new NOD32 antivirus dock icons in 256 x 256. I'm looking for something with a little reflection or 3D look to it. Here is what the new version looks like. Thanks
  10. Does anyone get a strange looking line near the top of the screen after the green progress bar finishes loading? I don't know if it's the video card driver or a bug in Vista.
  11. Wallpaper of the Vista login

    Yes that's the one but without the text and in 1920x1200 resolution.
  12. On the login screen I think there is a backgound like the one I have attached (without the lettering). Is there maybe a wallpaper in 1920x1200 of that around? I tried looking throught DeviantArt but can seem to find it. Thanks
  13. Vista RC1

    Vista build 5728 is out... http://download.windowsvista.com/preview/r...wnload-5728.htm
  14. Thumnail image borders

    Nevermind, I found someone asking the same question here. I did do a search but nothing came up... http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/search.php?searchid=1390519 :confused: