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  1. October 14th Presentation

    Not impressed, they literally did nothing to the MacBook PRO 17inch, just added a bigger Hard-Drive. But honestly, what more can Apple even try to do, too their already superior brand of laptops. Not much IMO, I've had my 17inch for less than a year now. Little improvements like that won't let me ditch this baby anytime soon.
  2. NOD2 released

    OMG!! Dude I love you, lol. I remember I've been waiting for this icon release forever, cool thing is now, I actually have a MAC. Can't wait to see how everything looks......downloading now. Kudoos
  3. '08 Desktops
  4. Glight

    Oh crap, my bad. I didn't notice. Thanks.
  5. I have a MacBook Pro 17 inch, 2.5GHz and 2GB of RAM. The new MacBook Pro's basically. Anywho, I have windows Ultimate installed on here as well, and I have noticed that the speakers are nowhere as loud or powerful while using Leopard. On Vista, the volume is literally on 40 and it's very loud, to the point where I never pass 50 because well, I never have to, it's that loud. On the Mac side of things however, I literally have to have the volume at like 90, and its nowhere as loud as the Windows side. Any ideas? Thanks
  6. Glight

    Doesn't work
  7. iPhone 3g

    Guess I'll be rocking an iPhone and Blackberry Thunder pretty soon.
  8. '08 Desktops

    Here you go
  9. '08 Desktops I can never get this to submit properly, lol.
  10. New iMacs!

    Looks pretty good. But I still prefer my MacBook PRO over it. I hate desktops.
  11. April '08 Desktops

  12. April '08 Desktops

    Windows Vista Ultimate Running on my Mac, Dirty?:slant:
  13. Which Dock is Better?

    Hmmm......using a Mac, so yeah. The original Mac dock. LoL, back on topic.....I would go with RKLauncher as well, after I made the switch back on windows from object dock, I've never looked back.
  14. March '08 Desktops

    Here's mine for March. I can't get away from this
  15. Aurora Blue stack icons

    Very Nice indeed. One question however, how do I replace the current stack icons?