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  1. How Active Is This Site?

    Haven't been here in over a year, I am just really bored at the office today. This was the place that got me into Photoshop, so I hold highly this site, and appreciate those that helped me when I used to customize my pc.
  2. XWindows Dock v5.4

    Boba how do I donate?
  3. Apple Emulation web page - Over and Out

    Wow damn Mark you've certainly improved in imitating apple, except for the red MAIN MENU, the rest looked great. Best of luck in your future endevors
  4. [release] Rebellion of Ice

    Looks nice
  5. $70 to spare

    *thumbs up*
  6. W R E N

    damnn kick ass buddy
  7. $30... what to do?!

    Show me these $30 dollar hookers you speak of
  8. Funny sign I saw

    I didn't know you still made threads shmengie
  9. African Pets Icons

    fasticon youre as crazy as shmengie
  10. Squares

    Hey this is great bh2, here's a pint for ya!
  11. Jump

    pretty cool, i'd be cool if you included a version without the lil flying man.
  12. How to make an icon?

    Check out Adam Bett's open source PSDs :
  13. IconDeveloper 2.0 released

    Hey man, can you make it so that it let's you edit ICNS that go up to 512 pixels? I'd be eternally grateful
  14. Brush icon

    @Ghostwalker : cool stuff man
  15. Happy Birthday Bapestar!

    lol...happy birthday