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  1. Representing the old OLD school over here. Hey guys. Tim (or whoever keeps hosting this), keeping this up in perpetuity?
  2. Any Of The Originals Here Still

    Popping in to say hi. I still load the page every few months to see if it is still around.
  3. As one of the original admins here, I certainly miss a lot about what we did back then. I moved on from all this, after learning more and more about UI, design, etc, into websites. I still dabble in Android mods, themes, and such, but most of that is done on the XDA forums.   I am glad this forum is still here for posterity. It's a nice slice of history.    Timan and Clockwork - CHIME IN!
  4. I'm pleased the site is still here and Timan is still "running things". Sadly, though, updates and new items seem a bit slow-ish. I'm really shocked to see some things have moved over to Windows, like Growl notifications. Never thought I would see the day. It's still sad you have to use plug-ins to make it work and some have to run in the tray which is counterproductive. With all the familiar things on this site, what I am not seeing are updated themes for ObjectBar or WindowBlinds. Has everyone stopped using these apps? Really impressed with XWindows Dock 5.6 - If only it had more developers working on Docklets and Plug-ins. Also absent is a way for it to minimize the app BEFORE the Trash Can. Sort of a small annoyance of mine from using Mac OS for so long. Here's my Desktop after only 15 minutes of work: Yes yes, I know...the fonts suck. I haven't installed any, yet. To be fair, this is the first Windows machine I have messed with in about 5 years (I'm actually shocked how well Windows 7 runs). Also, can anyone tell me what the hell is up with OSX-e? What's with all the CPA lead crap? That's annoying. Who do I have to punch in the throat for that? So...what have a missed?
  5. Thought I Would Stop By

    I still want to know what Mod that is for Windows Explorer that changes the sidebar to look more Finder-like (i.e. Place, Devices, etc)
  6. Thought I Would Stop By

    What are you using for Windows Explorer? i like the modifications to make it look a lot more like Finder.
  7. Thought I Would Stop By

    bh2, Thanks, I like it, too. Sucks I have to spend any time on a Windows machine. It's so ass backwards and stunted. There are absolutely no possible ways of inter-application connections like Mac OS atg all and that's so 1990's. For instance: Why do Contacts have to be seperate VCF files? Seems so counter-productive. I can't even tie in my Contacts to Thunderbird. Why? (that's just one OF MANY examples) I've been happy with the default Mac OS look/feel since making the change back 6 years ago. I've always been a stickler for the core GUI without any deviations because I think the designers (Jon Ive, et al) know what works and what is usable and smart. I like your edit, but I prefer vanilla OS X.
  8. Thought I Would Stop By

    This is seriously impressive: My Mac OS dock is on top. Windows dock on bottom. Using X-Windows dock 5.6 with my own Leopard theme using the real images from Leopard. You almost can't even tell them apart except for the square boxes on the far right next to Trash.
  9. Thought I Would Stop By

    Yeah, seems like it has. ObjectBar is still only usable in the 1.6 version. WindowBlinds sucks in Windows 7 and none of the old themes work worth a crap. The only thing I like is X-Windows Dock. Fairly solid app and, when configured properly, emulates Mac OS's pretty nicely. What's scary is how a lot of the old apps still work (Address Book, About This Mac, etc) yet they look...SO BAD. That and it is a bitch finding them...even on this site. A few of gthe reasons we all used to theme/mod was for iTunes, Safari, and more. Most of them are now available for Windows - albeit in crappy form (File-Edit menus ruin their appeal). I can;t find anything on turning Explorer into Finder or any Finder replacement app. Am I blind or does my Google-fu suck?
  10. Panther Pack - by Duckie for Avepreview2 *with updates to Pe7er's Brushed skin Features Native Transparency Away States Real Panther images 1x1 pix representation buttons work on ANY skin Titlebar shifting in inactive mode fixed Titlebar drawing fixed Slim 41pixel toolbar height, native OS X size Bottom-right corner resizer, now applied compensating the borderless look making this app look and feel Apple-made exclusively New matching OS X Preview icon, now tweaked! Re-Worked close/min/max buttons and alignment! Notes * AvePreview is a new app from one of's exclusive developers. AndreasV is taking a new approach to skinning with apps that support PNG's, borders, and shadows. * Keep in mind that the buttons of this very skin will work natively with ANY skin due its ultimate alpha channel work. * You can load AvePreview2 from the 'Right click>Open with' feature and assign this app permenantly to open all images. * Like the OS X, this incredible app can also be activated from ANY dock you run. IMPORTANT!!!: - Always download the newest version first. - Choose yes to overwrite existing folders and files for the Brushed/Default skin. Download AvePreview2 AvePreview2 AvePreview Info Info Download This Pack Panther Check for Updates or new skins Thanks to: Goku Pe7er Magbi AndreasV Danimator Godpunk
  11. From my archives...enjoy! Ms' Factory: (go to 'Warehouse') Digital Dreams: PC Desktops - Emaculation - MacVision - WinMac -
  12. To get rid of choppy sound, read this article...
  13. Revision History ReadMe First v0.2 (06-08-2003) + Added a pop-up menu for better interface + Added Metric Units for Tempreture © + Added Label options to show/hide current Location, Zip and/or Condition + Added an "Update Now!" to the pop-up menu + Left Clicking the Docklet will load for more information or selecting "Visit" from the pop-up menu + Added more icon integration + Added INI file for more features See the weather_readme.txt file for more information on how to config the INI file. v0.1 (06-02-2003) o First Release After loading the docklet, right click and select "Update Now!" from the popup menu. From the menu you can update the Location by selecting the "Weather for". Any changes you make from the menu will automatically update the INI file. Please note that you have to select "Update Now!" (or Middle Click w/your mouse) to update the docklet with your NEW selections and changes. All the data is fed from International support is yet NOT available. This requires a new scripting for some of the data, but it is duable (maybe v0.3). offers 47 weather conditions. This docklets contains only 25 icons to indicate conditions. So, many of the conditions are narrowed down to the closest one. However, enabling the "Show Condition" under the label menu will show you the correct/up-to-date textual condition from the site. Warning: This program is still beta and it is buggy! Use it for testing purposes only. Download DLL & Icons: weather_all.rar (599Kb) Installation Exract the above RAR file inside your Yz Docklets folder Right click the dock and select "Add Doclet..." Highlight "Weather" and click on "Add to Dock" Note: Do NOT select an Icon when Weather loads! It should select one by itself. You can download it here -
  14. Mac window resources

    Did these resources include the apple and the finder bar? If so, I'd like those.
  15. Tiger image resources location

    I use cleardock already. I just find it odd they aren't images. thanks for the paths
  16. I am trying to remember where in the OS the images are for the windows and dialogs. I have a feeling it is in the core services folder, but I am not having any luck finding them. It's been too long, I guess, since I had to look. Also, anyone know if the active app triangle on the dock is in those files? Spanks
  17. Not yet, sadly. Had to put the project on the back burner for a few days so I could complete a few websites for a client. If I had a PPC Mac this would work since the PPC disks install less than 1gb, but the Intel install is 1.4gb. BIG difference.
  18. I am looking for assistance in getting (at least) 10.4.5 installed on a 1gb USB flash drive. Here are the avenues I have already traveled (and my results): 1. Tried the tutorial on this page: Boot Mac OS from a USB Result: Grey Apple screen with spinner 2. Tried the tutorial on this page: Bootable Drive Result: Grey Apple screen with spinner I have yet to try Verbose mode (-v) as I do not know where I would enter that in. Perhaps editing a file in the /etc folder? Key stroke at boot? Anything? This may hold the key to understanding why both tries ended in a stall. Perhaps I can share the read-out and we can all come to a conclusion as to why this is happening. This HAS to be possible. Also, I should note that I would appreciate it if noone would simply bash my attempt by saying something like 'well, you CAN'T run it on a 1gb drive' because I know I can. I have seen it done. There are also numerous tutorials on how to do it. I followed them, verbatim, and was unable to come up with the same results...but that does NOT mean it can't be done. I want to do this for a couple of reasons: Troubleshooting The ability to access a filesystem on a system which cannot normally be accessed(i.e. lost admin login) The ability to run my own system on another Mac with my own settings A compilation of portable apps like FireFox and VLC Command Line? Bah! GUI makes it easier when you don't know the path. and more... Finally, thanks for any help you can offer. Flame guns set to stun, please. Namaste
  19. Tim, The code is simple to add. It would allow left aligned images for posting, news stories, signatures, and more. As it stands now you have a 'newsimg' tag which aligns right. so..can you? huh huh? can you? Please?
  20. how does left aligning break layout but right aligning doesnt?
  21. Dont be a tease...what did you use to align left(or did Tim finally put the code in)? Also, those arent aligned properly. They should all appear in the same line with each other
  22. Well, originally New Jersey, but then I moved t...OH! You meant why am I here again. Gotcha.
  23. Thanks and yes, it would be helpful in keeping post shorter since the image would sit on the left and the text to the right
  24. How is it that only 2 ****'s with an average of 20 posts between them are the ones voting? They're screwing up the average. Would appreciate more active users contributing to the post...not bitter 14 yr old Linkin Park brats with axe's to grind.
  25. Bapestar: Sure if I had a bigger drive, I would...but why should I buy another one when I already own 2 1gb drives? Besides, I am poor.