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  1. Winxp Or Win7 ?

    W7 is great... but I still use OS X most of the time, even on my Hackintosh ;-)
  2. Who The Hell Is Seph, Again?

    How is it his call? You have an equal and fair judgement at this too... But where exactly did he come from?
  3. [fun For All] Make Your Own Apple Ad.

    Indeed. :staffs here:
  4. Who The Hell Is Seph, Again?

    Wow, this board is crazy active compared to what it used to be... Some of the boards I use take 10 minutes for someone to post something n00bish...
  5. Who The Hell Is Seph, Again?

    HAH... Well, a majority of his posts are alright... not so 'negative', I edited by original post... ... No hate...
  6. Alright, Yes, I do admit I've left the board for a long while. Sorry. But where exactly did this 'Seph' character come from? I mean, I don't have a problem with new faces or staff, but when I see smart-ass, cocky remarks, such as, "It's only logical...", I obviously don't think too highly of them. Whatever, fine and dandy. Did it affect me? Not until I looked at my signature. Now, that's what pissed me off the most. That signature's been like that before Seph was even thought of on these boards. Just think, did I post 1000 posts a day to affect the board with a semi-large signature? No. Did it use board bandwidth to display the image? Well, if you consider remote hosting 'board bandwitdth', then I'd understand. ... and of all things, you have to advertise your name in my signature. Thanks for spamming the board, chump. Now, I bet you're some 'Aqua-soft Board Savior', but think, everything you do isn't going to change the board for the better. It's not YOUR board. It's everyones. And not everyone likes your decisions. Just ask. ... and stop being such as smart-ass in your posts, you're not better than us, and we can all do without your negativity. ... but then again, it's not that bad in general, so what the hell am I *****ing about? :woot: Love, Bill (on a hate streak )
  7. Yeah, I'm the ORIGINAL bill...
  8. Photoshop Cartoon

    LOL! Not funny.
  9. Blocking/deleting Accounts

    WHOAAA.... I thought you would have saw this by now... I've been her longer than you (Y) EHHHHHH! WHOAAA
  10. Hey Y'all... I'd like to know if it was possible to delete/block this (Bill) account? I'm not going to use this account (or Aqua-Soft for that matter), and if someone else would like to register with this name, I'd like to make it available to them. (Not to mention, my password is relatively easy to crack, so, I don't want to look like an outlaw if someone spams with this account.) Thanks! Chris.
  11. Microsoft is POOPY! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO!!!!!!!11` :who's your daddy: :who's your daddy: :who's your daddy: :who's your daddy: :who's your daddy: :who's your daddy:
  12. It Has Been A Great Ride.

    Well, I guess I can make my final goodbyes here too. I Just don't have enough time lately to drop any sort of notes, and my interest in Aquafying my computer has slacked. Thanks for the years of fun, guys. I'll be sure to drop some posts in the future, but until then... Adios! - Bill
  13. (help) I've Lost My Start Button

    Are you sure you're running Windows? Ever think that you may be running OSX? Yeah, Star Buttons tend to not exist if you're running those. I had the same problem.
  14. I Have An Awesome Idea

    If we did register the domain for Aqua-Soft, it would be risky. Thats almost asking Apple to sue us. I'm surprised Apple hasn't snatched
  15. Get A Free Ipod...

    For you, maybe. I'd just buy the beetle for the iPod... I wonder what Apple did to convince VW to give iPods?