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  1. it seems that this project might be dead. anyone have download links? the ones here are dead. i installed version 2.0.5.x and am not satisfied. i would love v2.0.4.x since it seems to work better for me. please help me someone.
  2. it feels like this project is now dead. i cant believe that microsoft hasent implemented a dock into windows.
  3. first of all, THANK YOU!!!!!! for all your epic work fiandre. this app really makes a difference to many of us. the only thing that i can think of that is needed is the autohide ability. that would be awesome. always ontop with autohide would make this the most solid dock ever!!!!..... thats pretty much it. im not complaining, just suggesting. either way, thanks again for all your work!
  4. firstoff thanks to Filandre1 for all the hard work and efforts. i recently reinstalled windows and upgraded xwindock to the latest and stable release. the updates are epic with the exception of one. the containter plugin has been modified. i had all my applications and needed folders as shortucts that when placed in a container functioned greatly. now the container opens the folders within itself. how can i change this? that was in my opinion the most useful function of the dock. please help, thnaks in advance.
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