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  1. Finally, another Samurize release! The most important aspects of this release are: * The longstanding blending/antialiasing bug with text, overlapping images etc. has finally been fixed! * Samurize now has an input system to allow more interactivity with your configs. Big thanks to the VIPs for giving this one a thorough testing. And also big props to AdamC for his work on the input system and meter list! :beer: Thank you to all of you who donated recently: Passaralho, Morgon, kwickone, nibelune, Sean Franzen, kibou, tom78999, VeniVidiVici, monteis2000 Finally, thanks a lot for you patience. We hope you enjoy this latest release! Bugfixes: * Fixed bug with script parameters being empty * drivespace meter copy bug fixed * 'hide' commandline arg can be used to start clients hidden * fixed Invalid Floating Point error on Graphs when using Peak Meter * Drivespace % bug fixed * fixed test all scripts/plugins bug * %m/%h date/time variables now truly 'smooth' * %hr[r] displayed 12o'clock as 0o'clock - fixed * fixed ICO file loading bug * improved plugin list loading times Changes/Improvements: * upgraded graphics engine, improved blending/antialiasing effects * Battery meters merged into one, formatting options added * WMI namespace entry * snap to screen edges snaps to windows taskbar * Updated the source_configure function for plugin writers (see help file) * Ctrl+Mousewheel changes zoom in editor New Features: * client fadein/fadeout * Config Editor Meterlist * Input SDK Get it from the usual place:
  2. [Release] AVESHELL is here!!

    Hmmm shouldn't this be in the Samurize forum?? EDIT: whoops, looks like it uses Samurize AND AveDesk... intriguing!
  3. samurize is back up!

    Forums should be fixed now!
  4. Samurize visualization plugin for Winamp

    Check the Preferences -> Plug-ins -> Autoexecute visual plug-in on playback option
  5. site down?

    Hey guys, sorry about the downtime. The guys at Stardock have been doing their best to get everything back up to speed, but with it being Christmas and all, people are away for the holidays etc etc. Though I do have an update: I've been told the server is ready to go, they just need to make it live. Shouldn't be too much longer!
  6. [ann] Samurize Import/export Tool

    Updated Import/Export Tool; it is now included with the Serious Samurize v1.60 installer, get it at
  7. Latest release. You can get it from Enjoy! Bugfixes: * fixed graphic object height buttons bug * fixed minor alert bug * fixed minor graph bugs * fixed bounce scrolling bug * fixed large fonts problem with Instance Manager * Fixed Bug with leading and trailing spaces/tabs removed on Text Output * fixed Analog meter memory leak * fixed About box bug for visual plugins * fixed "No Disk" Drivespace meter error * leading zeroes now preserved in text display type * fixed instance manager error on first use * fixed Server pause bug * fixed commandline option bugs when instance/config names contain "reserved" commands * Pin to Desktop "Compatibility Mode" for users running multimonitor setups * fixed minor image bug so image does not get reset when clicking in the path box * fixed select config file menu bug * fixed png/xml server commandline options * 'close' commandline option does not open an instance if it is not running * fixed server PNG output bug when no config loaded Changes/Improvements: * loop N times for animated GIFs * translated Instance Manager * instance names no longer case-sensitive * multiline scrolling supported * zoom up to 1200% * individual refresh rates per meter * New Look Toolbars and Menu Bars * Improved Preferences Dialog Box * custom colors loaded/saved on show/close color dialog * upgraded graphics engine (should be stabler) * reduced CPU usage for Image display type when aspect ratio not maintained * 12-hour time display without AM/PM for DateTime meter * taskbar client API calls * snap to screen edges works with edges of multiple monitors * multiple drive selection for DriveSpace meter * Reload/Edit Config buttons, tray icon for instance manager * Instance manager menu option in clients * Min digits before decimal place for text display meter * pressing enter applies all edit controls * Text meter wrapping - words that are too long for a line are wrapped * %v works in sound/command alerts/meter linkage * tweaked tray icon to use 16x16 icons in preference to 32x32, and relative paths * image cropping option for Image display type * Config name added to client tray icon hint * Ctrl+Shift+V performs paste meter in original position * tweaked meter linkage/alert commands to pass parameters correctly * new icons (big props to JyriK) * Added Edit Image buttons to Background image and Meter Image properties * Proxy settings New Features: * Run Meters when Config loads into Editor * SpeedFan meter type * CPU priority * PHPScript support * Import Export tool for easy config sharing Installer: * Language settings * Winning configs from the last config competition are included
  8. [release] Cdcovers

    Yes, if you had foobar installed when you installed Samurize.
  9. Here it is! This tool should make sharing your Samurize config file sets with other people a LOT easier. Big thanks to the VIPs and Crew for giving this a thorough going-over EDIT: Updated Import/Export Tool; it is now included with the Serious Samurize v1.60 installer.
  10. Sharing Configs/widgets

    Check out this thread on
  11. Widget Wars!

  12. Widget Wars!

    I suppose I should say a few words I have to be honest; I haven't even tried most of the applications that are being discussed here; I barely have enough spare time to make Samurize configs for myself heh. Though I did fire up AveDesk 1.0 and was impressed with its potential (I say "potential" because I think a lot of things I didn't like about it were fixed in 1.1) I can of course comment on what others have samid about Samurize:
  13. Samurize Popularity

    Also Aquasoft seems to be the home of AveDesk - any sports fan knows it's not easy playing games away from your home ground No surprise that AveDesk receives a lot of support here :smartass:
  14. Samurize Popularity

    You might think so, but I think AveDesk is a great app as well (this isn't the first time I've said this) Some people prefer prepackaged widgets, that's great and I completely understand that (I can be lazy at times too )
  15. Samurize Popularity

    It all depends on what you want out of your desktop, really... I'm no AveDesk expert but that program seems more geared towards prepackaged widgets where you can tweak a few things like colours, images etc. Samurize is about complete customizability - you can put whatever you want whereever you want it etc. but at the cost of ease of use I guess. In fact with the latest Samurize releases you can do almost anything that is possible with AveDesk in Samurize (the few exceptions being user actions; Samurize does not yet have an input SDK but it is in the pipeline). Also Samurize is primarily a system monitoring tool; but the demands and ideas people have placed on it have malformed it into more of a desktop enhancement engine than a system monitor. Just my 2c