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  1. What caused this change? Hackintosh? Parallels? 
  2. Soo.. Is The Win To Mac Mod Scene Dead?

    Just checking in on 2018. Glad to see the forum still here. good memories. i've had this account longer than anything I own lol 15 years! 
  3. This is seriously the best looking Safari RSS Mod for Sage RSS reader in Firefox 3. Click for full size - Uploaded with plasq's Skitch I just updated to Firefox 3 RC2, but noticed that Sage has not been updated in over a year, so the programmers of Wizz newsreader for FF took Sage over and made it compatible.. I updated the skin to reflect inktri's of Sage for FF 1.5 located here: For older versions of Sage for Firefox, you can use the last version posted here: So here it is, enjoy:
  4. Home-Made Mod of Sage Safari RSS

    i used to maintain the sage and sagetoo extensions, but nobody really replied so i thought people lost interest
  5. Sage-Too 1.0 was just released today, and I need a little help updating the extension mod. Could someone make a small blue leopard folder icon? i'll post the original source as a guide thanks!
  6. check it out on Crunchgear: might be fake, may not be.. so far this is the best "leak" that i've seen.
  7. i guess it must be a preliminary build:
  8. Louis Vuitton APPLE STYLE

    i'd love to see a version in 1280x800 without with the big apple in the center, just the pattern
  9. I've posted my own modded update, so it uses the latest version of sage 1.3.10
  10. e or i?

    there already is (or was) an emac.
  11. eh.. i dunno.. if you see the wallpaper included with the latest 527 build of leopard, it looks like a nebula with stars around.. sounds pretty spacey to me
  12. Great NEW safari skin for Firefox!!!

    you can do that with any skin, not just this one.
  13. My computer died, adios!

    Since when does a hard drive and cd/dvd burner cost $300? You can get a 500GB Hard drive and a burner for $150 tops.
  14. My computer died, adios!

    who are you ?
  15. Skinning windows 98 - free!

    where are the mods for this thread? ridiculous
  16. check the date of the thread, there hasn't been updates to the thread in over 2 years.
  17. Leopard-like menubar for OS X Tiger

    where did you get the dock skin? is that for adockx?
  18. PayPal advice me.

    how is paypal considered to be "adult stuff"? being an adult means having your own bank account, having a job, paying your own bills. paypal isn't the equivalent of a bah mitzvah
  19. Leopard Icons

    i'll mirror the icns set.. or you can post them to mediafire
  20. leopard showcase wall

    slightly OT, but i wish someone would make an adockx skin to match leopard.
  21. Safari...

    i think it's about time windows had a chance to use webkit..
  22. Safari...

    i knew it
  23. Nuse: RSS/ATOM Reader

    maybe you should throw this in the graveyard along with alims other unfinished apps