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  1. Rklauncher.exe Running But Dock Doesn't Show?

    Anyone knows?
  2. Rklauncher.exe Running But Dock Doesn't Show?

    I've determined that the issue lies with RKLauncher.conf file. I presume this contains all the settings and shortcut locations. Can this file be repaired?
  3. Rklauncher.exe Running But Dock Doesn't Show?

    Anyone? As I rely entirely on the dock to do everyday tasks (folder shortcuts, programs etc) that without it my day's really unproductive and frustrating.
  4. I'm having the above issue with RKLauncher. No recent changes or installs at all, just my normal gaming, browsing, iTunes radio, really nothing out of the ordinary. This morning I started up and the dock didn't show. It's still running as a process (according to taskmgr) but nothing happens. If I run the executable again I get TWO instances of RKLauncher but still no dock. I can end the process, no problems. It's been working fine for ages (like 2 years kind of ages) and now suddenly this. Can someone advise please? Thank you, Nicholas.