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  1. Hi, I recently download RK launcher. I had to add my items via writing it up in the itemlist.conf file. I couldn't add items via dragging or anything. It kept giving me a stop signal type of icon and wouldn't allow it. Anyways, so I got it working. But finally last night, windows 7 decided to do another critical update, and when I start up my laptop Rk Launcher loads but all my icons are gone! I went into the itemlist.conf file and realized, everything had be erased, why? I don't know. So, I just downloaded RK launcher again, took the itemlist.conf file and replaced it with the one that decided to delete everything. Now, I am trying to make changes to the itemlist file, but it keeps ignoring it and reverting. Like, it will show up after I change and save the file, but as soon as I reboot Rk launcher nothing happens! I even reopen the itemlist file and everything is back like it was before, without recognizing my changes. I don't know why RK launcher suddenly decided to ignore my changes but it's frustrating. Has this happened to anyone or is this happening to anyone else? Can it be fixed? This program is such a nifty little addition to my desktop features and it would suck if I can't alter or change it to my liking anymore =(