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  1. Windows Vista Sounds

    Would like to see this link of original R Fripp sounds...AFAIK, nothing was released from his recent visit to the MS Vista studios... The other 'sound.wavs' come from a older Longhorn Transformation Pack (pretty nice) from
  2. AveDesk 1.4 Future

    Yes indeed as I was interested to see this entire [1.4] ideas_architecture thread... For my simple needs, was using AveDsk1.2 with 3 pidlshortcuts and it ran very stable, not once did I have the 'dreaded disappearing desklet icon' ... With AveDsk 1.3, same exact simple setup: 1) pidlshortcut-->My Computer 2) pidlshortcut-->Unused Desktop Folder 3) pidlshortcut-->Recycle Bin At least 4-6 times a week (after reboot) disappearing desklet icons (There was no explorer crashes at all) A member was kind enough to post a modified PidlFix.effectlet and have been using it, as it I totally enamour AveDsk and admire & respect the dedicated work and efforts put forth by Andreas, herd, Judge...and many more talented people with a love for desktop customizing taken to the limit... This is the error that always appears when a desklet icon is missing:
  3. AveDesk 1.3 Bug report thread

    Hello dreadnaut, Just wanted to follow-up with as I have had all 3 of my pidl-shortcuts set with your pidfix effectlet file, and have run v1.3 for 2-3 days and now 'no disappearing icon after rebooting'...
  4. AveDesk 1.3

    Hi ppoppe, ok thanks as I will go ahead and D/L the files, but am sort-of-confused (pardon the ignornace), but are these files needed only if one is going to utilize the AveDesk1.3 SDK? I initially thought that they would help assist in the 'overall workings' of general AveDesk1.3
  5. AveDesk 1.3

    Ok, shouldn't these updated files kindly mentioned by Andreas already be on my system if I have fully patched XP SP2?
  6. AveDesk 1.3 Bug report thread

    Thank you for your promp_clear explanation... I now have it applied correctly in the right Effects directory, so will give-it-go on all 3 of my pidl-shortcut desklets to see if it indeed helps.
  7. AveDesk 1.3 Bug report thread

    Hi dreadnaut, Until AndreasV finally gets the time to fully investigate_explore these various issues with v1.3...I too am getting the mysterious pidl-shortcut icons disappearing on my three used desklets after re-boots: Full details on completed Bug Report Pg2... Just to try your PidlFix file would I just unzip it into my desklet directory with my AveDesk1.3 ?
  8. AveDesk 1.3

    Hi Andreas, Completely understanding that your present time to investigate_explore into various v1.3 issues is limited (you mention for the next 5 days or so) problem m8 please take your time... As I quote from your reply above: "Fixed some small threading issues on the pidl-shortcut, other than that its pretty much all interface-contract-confirming code." And also reviewing all threads both here and in the v1.3 [bug Report thread], hopefully this will solve the 'disappearing pidl-shortcut desklets' that some of us are experiencing after reboot (In my case-Bug Report on Pg 2), I have 'not had a explorer.exe crash' when this happens... Will you post up updated v1.3 desklet update (when you figure it out)? As I know that you mentioned that utizing v1.1, or v1.2 pidl-shortcut desklets with v1.3 is not ideal, for the coding that has been completed for v1.3 desklets is better in the long run_for total optimized performance... Thanks
  9. Hi Timan, I have searched this thread, but didn't see anything posted to this issue, as I know that you take 'special care' so that the entire site renders properly with the 3 Main stream browsers, Opera, FF, and IE... I have become quite fond of Opera, and with its latest TP1 version of 9 (Merlin), I am getting this one minor rendering b0rk:
  10. AveDesk 1.3 Bug report thread

    Bug description: After reboot, at least 2 of my 3 icons do not appear on DT (Appearance Set For All 3 to Desktop Icon) See the Judge's Bug Post *** I never had a Explorer.exe crash though when these desktop icons keep disappearing after reboot... Items involved: 1) pidsl-shortcut 2) pidsl-shortcut 3) pidsl-shortcut Windows Version:WinXP SP2 Home DirectX version: 9.0c System specs: Plll @900Mhz 320MB sdram (maxed) 30GB 5400RPM HD Graphics card & drivers version: Integrated Trident Video Accelerator CyberBlade i1 AGP 6.1019.51 Desklets running: 1)pidsl-shortcut (My Computer) 2)pidsl-shortcut (Recycle Bin) 3)pidsl-shortcut (File folder-Unused Desktops Shortcuts in My Documents) Steps to reproduce: After every reboot, at least 1-2 icons do not appear, and I have to open up each desklet via Control Panel, and click on Advance, where icons will then appear...Always Save... Special notes: This same exact set-up work flawlessly in v1.2 Thanks Will provide 'ss' if needed, when it happens...When the particular Desklet DT icon (does not appear) going into AveDesk Control Panel--->there is a Black Blank Space
  11. Hi ManiSeb, No problem at all and thanks for the reply...Actually your timing for a new version in Sept or Oct will be ideal as by then the [Release] candidate of FF 1.5 should be real close, and there should be *no more changes* to the Branch that would cause any radical breakage of Themes.
  12. Some recent 'checkins' to the new 1.8 Branch build have caused all themes except default Winstripe to break...As reported on Peter's 20050812 Trunk thread (which now becomes the Daily Branch thread) Posted: Thu 11th Aug 2005 10:33pm anyone noticing cosmetic problems with the address bar while using themes other than the default? i.e a non-functional box beside the "go" button, address bar box misaligned... ******************************************************************************** ******************** Ben G Head FF Dev) created a checkin that is causing these issues, and he may back it out soon before he can get the time to review_correct some code: The issue has been debated via #iirc regarding whether to let the RSS feedview button remain in the URL bar, *or* keep it in the Status bar. Not sure is maniseb is back from his Holiday (yet) but just wanted to post this info to 'help him out' This link @Mozillazine Forums will give a 'ss' and possible .css ******************************************************************************** ******************* More info on new changes for Themes on the up-coming 1.5 Release: Just checked in: #222654 [Core]-global/scrollbars.css for native scrollbars different on Mac (many Firefox themes break scrollbars on Mac) [All] "The change was actually to finally rid Firefox of it's endlessly ridiculous Mac-specific theme issue by providing two (new) scrollbar.css files that are selected for use depending on platform. It was a neccessary change that should have been implemented prior to 1.0, but hindsight is a lovely thing. " Posted: Sun 14th Aug 2005 12:36pm scrollbars.css replaced: nativescrollbars and xulscrollbars I just checked in the patch for bug 222654, both trunk and 1.8-branch. The former global/scrollbars.css has been replaced by nativescrollbars.css (used on Mac) and xulscrollbars.css (used on other platforms). Both files are shipped in classic.jar on all platforms. Old: MacOSX: scrollbars.css Other: scrollbars.css New: MacOSX: nativescrollbars.css Other: xulscrollbars.css
  13. [release] Layered Folders

    Absolutely, and thanks for sharing...Looking forward to more of your work(s).
  14. release InspiratSE

    Having been using this neat VS for awhile now, I just noticed the 'gaps_space' that it seems to display. This might have been how it was designed, however all the other VS's that I currently have installed LunaElement, Prom Pro, ect. do not display this gap in these areas, even default WinXP Luna does not... Could one of our collective membership kindly 'confirm this' as I have been @Dispaly-->Advanced Properties and Icon Spacing is @43, which seems to be the default_common value of many VS's... I just want to make sure that this is indeed caused by the
  15. For those members are experiencing the 'stretched favicons, this info comes from Moe Zilla: This should fix the favicons size to 16 x 16 (in userChrome.css or globalbrowser.css): Code: .tab-icon { min-width: 16px !important; min.height: 16px !important; max-width: 16px !important; max-height: 16px !important; } Once again thanks as I can now browse various Desktop 'ss threads' without the favicon eye-sore...