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  1. Yeah so I don't use windows much but I'd thought I'd go for a aqua theme with it. Since a good tiger look couldn't be obtained I decided on a panther look. Any tips on how to improve?
  2. Official "Hello I'm new to Aqua-Soft" Thread

    I'm that guy.
  3. How To Recover Data After A Virus?

    Once you reload windows all that data is lost (or atleast it should be.) Unless of course you never actually reformated the hard drive.
  4. Which Anti-virus Do You Use ?

    Since I have a linux I don't have to worry about viruses too much but just in case I have ESET smart security 4 beta.
  5. Windows 7 Or Vista..?

    Neither Windows 7 or vista can measure up to Ubuntu Linux. Linux ftw.
  6. A nice aqua/panther style theme. Download here. NOTE:I didn't make this theme