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  1. Any Of The Originals Here Still

    Damn, I barely remember the times I used to frequent this place, it was so long ago.  I'm scared to look up some of my old posts. :D
  2. So, what's up?

    Man, this is as general discussion as it gets. I haven't been around in... ages. Anything new? I've kinda poked my head in here once a month for 10 minutes when I've been bored, but never stayed long enough to see what was really goin' on. How's the community? Everyone still rockin' those Aqua makeovers of Windows? Anything new and exciting around here in the last year?
  3. Complete Utter Randomness Thread

    I apparently still get birthday notifications from this forum. Hm. I haven't been here in forever.
  4. Are You A 90s Kid?

    I'm such a 90s kid... and sunb1rd, I think you mean "Captain N".
  5. I find it amusing that I'm finally earning my self-appointed lurker title... people joined in 2005 have more posts than me. hah.
  6. Damn, this place be lookin' nice. Just played around with it a bit and everything seems to sparkle. Good job, Tim.
  7. [help] which linux

    Just for fun, I'll go out of my way and suggest you take a look at Arch linux. www.archlinux.org Not quite as daunting as Gentoo, but still decently low-level and helps you learn; plus it starts from a very base system and you install/upgrade from that. Going through a bit of a growing-pain from 0.7 to 0.7.1 to 0.8 though - make sure you get the 0.7.1 ISO if you're gonna give it a try, lots has changed.
  8. Worst chair in america

    That chair chased me away from Aqua-Soft.
  9. I'm not dead (how 'bout you?)

    Me? I'm dead. DEAD! So dead. *dies again*
  10. Paul Thurrott praising Microsoft again...

    Alllllllrighty here, let's see. We've got a thread of people complaining how the man who runs the "Supersite for Windows" is reviewing Microsoft products in a good light, and comparing Windows to Apple's OS every so often, also showing Windows in a good light, though, as I read it, not completely bashing OSX either. Didn't he say he loved the OS? As well, as mentioned by a previous poster, he's just as worried about Longhorn being a 'train wreck' as the rest of us. Does this thread seem just a little pointless to ANYONE else but me? So, anyway, of course, Microsoft bashing and Windows bashing starts. 'Cause it's cool. You know. Oh, and the replacing of the letter S with a dollar sign. Effin brilliant, that one. Also, the "Microsoft is stealing ideas from Apple!" compaint. So typing in a search and getting results really really fast is a good idea. You expect MS NOT to develop something that does this just because Apple released a product with it first? You figure the first guys to ever open a burger joint have the right to complain when someone else thought "Hey, I can sell hamburgers too!" and opened their own store? It's called competition people, everyone does it, get used to it. Saladin, "MS has strayed onto PPC territory"?? Ever hear of Quicktime? iTunes? Don't act like Microsoft's the only one developing for multiple platforms. Why don't you say Linux has strayed onto PPC territory too? *sighs* Geez, I'm getting sick of what this place is looking like lately. Grow up people, stop looking for reasons to jump down Microsoft's throat at every turn. And obviously, for those of you with valid points who stayed away from unnecessary bashing, this post isn't directed at you.
  11. Rampant Javascript Errors with IE

    Using the developer toolbar extention in Firefox, I get the following error appearning many times in my error log (don't know why IE's fine with it on my system though)... Error: fetch_object("qr_quickreply") has no properties Source File: http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/clientscript/vbulletin_quickreply.js Line: 19 Seems to me that fetch_object("qr_quickreply") returns null.
  12. I was checking out Paul Thurrott's WinHEC 2005 blog and there is a mention, near the bottom of his article (before comments, so still pretty high on the page) about Apple switching to Intel-based processors this year. What do you guys think? Someone pulling ol' Thurrott's leg? Speculation? Or actually possible?
  13. [Request] Good host (No ads, any file accepted)

    How much traffic do you expect? You could always just host it off your own computer.
  14. [Request] Good host (No ads, any file accepted)

    Nope. -=edit=- Geez you change your sig alot. Don't know any good free hosts either.
  15. [link] Steve Ballmer introducing windows 1.0

    Sure, it is a bit over the top and amusing to watch, but that's the way commercials were; MS wasn't a gigantic company back then either, they probably didn't have a huge marketing budget to work with. In any case, come on people... "pathetic"? "retarded"? Enthusiasm for your product doesn't make you either, in my book. I have to give the guy credit for maintaining the same level of zest and energy for MS (or even increasing it!) he had back in the day when this was all really new, really awesome emerging technology. And tide, you're wondering how a man so empassioned about the company "got this far"? *sigh* I can't believe what an MS bash-fest this place has become.