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  1. Swine Flu?

    The "swine flu" didn't exist in 1914. That was called the Spanish Flu. It killed between 20 and 100 million. No one knows for sure as record keeping back then was spotty at best. The only thing they have in common is that they are both H1N1 variants. As for being curable, no, no flu or virus for that matter, is "curable". They are treatable, meaning if you get proper treatment, you will survive. The common cause of death by H1N1 is not "choking on mucus" as another poster stated. It's caused by severe dehydration and/or secondary illness due to a weakend immune system. Good hygiene and common sense will keep you alive and well. All the cases in the US have been relatively mild. The one recorded death was a child visiting from Mexico who's parents waited too long to seek treatment. Be safe, be careful, but most of all be calm.
  2. Steve Jobs steps down from CEO of Apple

    You have a short memory. The last time Steve left, Apple did OK for a few years and then almost fell off the face of the earth. And please stop referring to Macs as "God computers". Not only is it insulting, is pure BS. The only thing that differentiates a Mac from a PC today is the OS. A pretty case does not make a computer any better or any worse.
  3. PS3's did this when they were first released as well. Sony eventually fixed the problem.
  4. OpeniMac -- Phystar's disciple.

    My Dell OptiPlex will run circles around a Mac Mini and is very stable. I can also use Apple's native system updates without modification. It's all about having the right hardware. And there are plenty of off the shelf motherboards with EFI support. Problem is Apple is using an ancient version of EFI (1.1) to boot OS X. Vista already supports EFI 2.0
  5. OpeniMac -- Phystar's disciple.

    If the price listed is in Argentinian Pesos, that comes to about $500 US. And Apple can't take your PC if it's running a legally purchased copy of OS X. They have no legal right to do so. At best, they can REQUEST you delete the OS from the drive. This goes back to enforceability of EULA's. I'm also not sure Apple's copyrights/trademarks are recognized in Argentina. So any legal action by Apple would be moot.
  6. Which Social Networking Site Do You Use

    Facebook. MySpace is such a cluster f#ck!
  7. Do Schools *really* need these damned machines?!

    It's called longevity. Get something with some reliability and horsepower and you won't have to upgrade it as often. As for Linux, it's not mainstream in the corporate world. Most corporations primarily use Windows on their servers and desktops. It's not about being l33t, it's about being functionally compatible across your enterprise. And being an owner of a "cheapo" Vostro desktop, I can tell you they are cheap for a reason. Mines been repaired twice already and I haven't had it 4 months yet. My Latitude laptop smokes it in reliability. You get what you pay for.
  8. Apple Sues A School (ridiculous)

    Opps, my bad. You have to log into TESS first and then the links will work. Just do a new user search and then click the links... it should work then.
  9. Apple Sues A School (ridiculous)

    The apple (the fruit, not the company) has been synonymous with schools and education far longer than Apple (the company) has been in existence. Although Apple has a trademark for the NAME "Apple" under and educational registration, I hardly think this would qualify as infringement. Why isn't Apple going after these guys... http://tess2.uspto.gov/bin/showfield?f=doc&state=7057d6.3.2 http://tess2.uspto.gov/bin/showfield?f=doc&state=7057d6.3.9 http://tess2.uspto.gov/bin/showfield?f=doc&state=7057d6.6.10 http://tess2.uspto.gov/bin/showfield?f=doc...te=7057d6.6.164 http://tess2.uspto.gov/bin/showfield?f=doc...te=7057d6.6.516 http://tess2.uspto.gov/bin/showfield?f=doc...te=7057d6.6.588 http://tess2.uspto.gov/bin/showfield?f=doc...te=7057d6.6.599 http://tess2.uspto.gov/bin/showfield?f=doc...te=7057d6.6.764 http://tess2.uspto.gov/bin/showfield?f=doc...te=7057d6.6.967 There's many more. The current Apple logo is not a registered trademark either. Contrary to their website claims, there is no "image" or "logo" registered to Apple Inc. that matches the current logo. I ran a complete search of the TESS database at the USPTO and only found the name as being registered. If a logo is to be registered, the logo has to be included in the registration. Here's a complete listing (905) of images with the name Apple in the registration or logo itself. http://tess2.uspto.gov/bin/gate.exe?f=brws...&p_toc=brws_img Here it is in the iPhone logo, but again... it's not the standalone Apple logo we all know. http://tess2.uspto.gov/bin/gate.exe?f=doc&state=mdtf2t.4.347 I know it's a Copyrighted image, but it is not a registered trademark. But this one made me spit out my drink... http://tess2.uspto.gov/bin/gate.exe?f=doc&state=mdtf2t.4.80
  10. 10 Years of the iMac -- Thanks Apple!!

    The iMac is ghey... it's a chic's machine. Granted it looks less ghey now that they gave it a metal housing, but it's still got a limp wrist going on. The Power Mac screams work horse. Clean lines and utilitarian looks. :cool:
  11. 10 Years of the iMac -- Thanks Apple!!

    I always hated the look of the iMac. Mac Pro's are sexy.
  12. Flash for iPhone?

    Source? I've seen sites using Flash more than ever as of late. YouTube would die without it. Notice that most YouTube videos work on the iPhone, but not all of them.
  13. Flash for iPhone?

    No, it's not possible. Steve hates it, so the iPhone won't have it.
  14. Flash for iPhone?

    You cannot install it. The iPhone does not support Flash at all.
  15. Hackintosh

    OS X won't boot if you delete it. And no, you can't buy the chip. It's integrated onto the motherboard. Just replace the kext with a patched version. And this forum is fine for discussing this. Nothing illegal about any of it.