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  1. [Release] The Magic Marble Project 2.1 Update & Releases

    ROFL Good one... No comments
  2. [Release] The Magic Marble Project 2.1 Update & Releases

    Hey thanks a lot for the support guys, you made this even funnier than it already is About the star rating problem... uhmm I don't know why that happens, just check the code 'cause I believe it is right... right? hehehe Once again, lots of thanks for all the support, I'm glad you like the stuff I share with y'all
  3. The Magic Marble Project | Version 2.1 Update & Releases I've made some fixes to the design/coding of the site. Version 2.1 is now up I will try to finish the rest of the site's sections soon enough. I've been away for weeks now, but I'll definately get some busy with the page. The Hibrido Widgets are finally released, so make sure to try them out. About the hardware icons, they're still on hold by now 'cause I haven't done the small sizes of them (48px, 32px and 16px). The background image of the site's main title belongs to one of the HIBRIDO GUI Original Wallpapers, that's in case you wonder. ------------------------------ Direct Download Links: HIBRIDO iTunes Remote HIBRIDO Sleek Tunes ------------------------------ The Magic Marble Project
  4. [Ann] The Magic Marble Project 2.0 Coming Feb. 1st

    I know the site is kinda buggy... I haven't got any help you know... and I'm still tryin' to figure out most of CSS language, but It's fun to learn So if anyone wants to give a little help or suggestion, drop me a line [EDIT] I can't fix that bug pwnzrzpat, if I remove that text the site looks messed up :confused: [/EDIT]
  5. [Ann] The Magic Marble Project 2.0 Coming Feb. 1st

    Thanks man, appreciate it.
  6. [Ann] The Magic Marble Project 2.0 Coming Feb. 1st

    The site is already up and working. Everything u need to know is at the main page Enjoy
  7. [Ann] The Magic Marble Project 2.0 Coming Feb. 1st

    Thanks for the support guys, I'll try to be at least as half as good as you think I am hehehe Lots of things to do... why am I so lazy?? :slant: @Unbe: Just say hi when u see me online [EDIT] Oh, and please call me Gian, Giancarlo or just GC [/EDIT]
  8. The Magic Marble Project | Update Release Version 2.0 of the site is about to be released. The tentative date is February 1st of 2005. The new updated website has been done entirely in CSS/XHTML which is why it doesn’t work well in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, but who needs that lame browser, take the web back and get Mozilla Firefox. College is finally over so it gave me some free time to work on the new design which matches, with flawless perfection, the very first theme I’ve made: HIBRIDO GUI (there’s not an estimated time for its arrival yet so the right thing to say for now is “coming soon”). Two Avedesk widgets are about to be released: Hibrido iTunes Remote in regular and cover utility versions with the proper animation transitions. And the Hibrido Sleek Tunes widget comes right after the first one. In other projects, I'm still working on the Hibrido Icons suite and the Hibrido Original Wallpapers (these are pretty much done), as well as a whole new theme with a different concept (no more metal stuff ). With the relaunch of the site some goodies will be released and others will be previewed. I'm doing everything on my own so I'll try to do my best and finish it all on time. The coding proccess is not too fun, I had to learn CSS and do everything from scratch. Anyway, it's time to give you the new domain: www.magicmarbleproject.com. I would appreciate any comments and feedback. So the 10-day countdown begins
  9. [question] Where's the Magic Marble Project?

    Hello , I just read this thread. I'm sorry about the site and how long is everything taking The Hibrido GUI project isn't death, actually I've done some walls, and icons for it. And the new look of the site is based on hibrido's design lines. I haven't show any previews or anything like that because I wanna have an ETA. I'm really busy at the moment with classes. But soon I'll be in finals. So vacations are coming... and hell, god knows I need them. I hope everyone likes my new and upcoming work. Maybe a new year's release would be good, huh?
  10. Amazing release... nothing else to say...
  11. [release] LHA Drives

    Cool Mike!!!! Love'em.. already downloaded
  12. [Help] FlyakiteSP1's uxtheme.dll isn't working for me

    Hey, thnx man, I just downloaded and it works perfectly, thnx again
  13. Hey ppl. I just formatted my pc yesterday (WinXP with SP1, spanish version) Today I downloaded the last version of FlyakiteSP1 from its site. I tried to replace the uxtheme.dll and I followed every single step (I do have replacer and reshacker inside the tools folder) But after rebooting I try to use another msstyles but with no luck (it just shows Luna :S) Could anyone help me? Thnx in advance //Giancarlo
  14. [preview] Hibrido Mac Os X Gui Kit

    yeah well, I thought the word HIBRIDO (iburido in japanese reading) would be better than the english one, that's why I used it . I just started making the hibrido page, so things are back in track hehehe
  15. [preview] Hibrido Mac Os X Gui Kit

    Actually that would be for the english word "hybrid", the name of my theme is HIBRIDO wich is the spanish word for hybrid A quick update about this project... Is not dead, I'm still work on it whenever I got a little free time (I ain't got that much u know...) Anyway, yesterday I had a little fun with it and made some tweeks, and the neon metal concept is kinda finished. Oh and I made a folder icon, the first HIBRIDO icon. The site still down 'cause I'm finishing previews and mockups, so I can add them to the HIBRIDO page. I will post here when I have the page up and maybe an ETA Thnx. //Giancarlo