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  1. So currently I have RK Launcher set to minimize to dock and Firefox does that just fine. The problem im having occurs when I go back to firefox and maximize from the dock. Mouse functions are okay; I can use links on the page, access my bookmarks and home button, and exit Firefox just fine, however the address bar and my Google search bar are not responsive to my mouse clicking those fields. Actually, I just tested it on this create new thread window. Any text field becomes locked after I re-maximize Firefox from RK Launcher. I've found two work arounds 1) Click somewhere outside of the Firefox window. Right now I maximize Firefox from the dock, click on the task bar, then click back on my Firefox window. This lets me click into the text fields and type in them again. 2) Click on a text field and make sure my blinking cursor is there before I minimize to dock. It works for now I guess, but it is a rather inconvenience and I kind of just wish the dock would function properly. Any idea whats wrong?