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  1. Mac Calcucaltor

    You want the calculator on your Mac PC? Well here it is! It is powerful and at exactly the same style as that of the Mac! - It takes into account the negative numbers. - Do not bug when writing letters instead of numbers (it just displays 0) - You can write to the keyboard or ugly button in the calculator. A small picture: It is not beautiful? 6 hours of work for this nice calculator! Version (Free) (Copyright © Microsoft 2010) -> Download <- Please, if you like this software, subscribe here: /> Thank you!
  2. Old Mac Cursor

    Here are three sliders inspired by old cursors Mac, this is not exactly the same, but it looks like their still. ->Download<- Please, if you like these cursors, register here: Many thank you.
  3. Safari

    Introducing the new Safari is Apple ... No! It's not that Apple has made it myself with my little cursor! Does not mean he is as good as Safari, the "real" is a "copy" as simple as possible (there is not only three buttons, either!), But the interface is faithful to the software origin (the Apple Safari). You tell me what you think! Version (Free) (Copyright © Microsoft 2010) -> Download <- If you want more software, subscribe here: /> Thank you very much.
  4. Mac Trash

    Here is the basket Mac PC, with a TXT file that explains how to install these icons on your trash (FR/EN).You tell me what you think. -> Download <-