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  1. RK Launcher v0.4 - BUG REPORTS

    Multi monitor BUG: Description of problem: I have set my multi-monitor settings so that my bigger 22" monitor is above my main (netbook) monitor which is below (my big monitor sits higher behind it on my desk. I have the dock positioned at the top of my main screen (the netbook), where i like it to take focus so that whenever i move my mouse to the top of my main screen (the netbook) the dock will appear over the top of any other applications i am working on which are usually always full screen! Specifics of bug: The bug causes problems when i move my mouse up and past the dock and onto the second monitor. I need "never take focus" to be unticked so the dock appears above the other apps only when i move my mouse to the top of the screen (like when i am not using a multi monitor setup and going to uni), however the dock keeps stealing/taking focus from any application i am working on in the second monitor, and i therefore cannot write or use any application on the second monitor if i have passed over the dock. Work-arounds: Untick "Full margin hotspot" (but breaks functionality, as the dock will not appear when it is under other applications) OR tick "never take focus" OR Move the dock to the left or right of my main screen so that my mouse is not going past the dock to reach the second monitor Misc (If there is a way for the as yet unwritten multimonitor option to detect a multimonitor and stop focus being taken away when full margin hotspot is used, as it seems that the dock is applied to the whole region of the second monitor, even when i set full margin hotspot delay to 2000 it then takes focus away from any application that i might have clicked on in the second monitor, but never takes focus from the main monitor. Thanks for reading. Sorry for bugging you about bugs.
  2. Resurrecting Rk Launcher Soon

    YES definately! RkLauncher is an amazing program! It's the most stable and un-bloated dock i've used, it's sweet and simple and smooth on the surface, but powerful under the hood. PLEASE Keep it un-bloated. Maybe the open-source community can help to nut out the bugs that plague it's current state if you haven't the time for it anymore. The only two things that really affect is that my start menu gets graphics glitches after i mouse over rkLauncher (and the magnification function or margin hotspot function effect it) (see bug report here: Post 544 AND Adding Multi-Monitor support would be a God-send!. A powerful and customisable stack docklet that works with rkLauncher would be great also! as it would almost be enough for me so that i could replace my start menu with rkLuancher for all it's beautiful eye candy; although i think RKlauncher has a long way to go before it can be stable enough for that. Fingers crossed that rkLauncher matures a bit more, thank you!!
  3. RK Launcher v0.4 - BUG REPORTS

    System: Asus 1.66ghz EEEPC netbook, Windows XP Service Pack3, RkLauncher Settings: Dock Size 25 Magnification 144 Behaviour options that are set to on: "use margin hotspot" and "full margin hotspot" Important Note: When magnification is turned off the graphics glitch described below is localised to the actual dock-size setting (i.e. 25) Description of problem: RKlauncher causes the windows start menu to leave graphics of itself on the screen. There seems to be a certain number of pixel-space that Rklauncher uses on the screen i.e. 100 pixels in width or something. if this overlaps with the windows start menu when i use start menu button such as when i run something from the start menu after rkLauncher has appeared and then i click the start menu, the start menu shows up and doesn't disappear properly, so that the graphics are left behind and can become part the firefox window for example, or become broken up depending what is taking focus in any particular application window like the explorer.exe window. Work-arounds that can be used, but are annoying to do: 1. Partial solution... If i choose to place rkLauncher at the top of the screen and have the start menu at the bottom with only small icons and a small number of applications in the start menu then the start menu won't cross that invisible boundary and the graphics glitch won't happen when i do use the start menu. 2. Pressing F5 (refresh) when everything is minimized, if i am only on the desktop and everything is minimised this refreshes and removes any graphics glitches. 3. I also found a useful hotspot hide/show taskbar app which refreshes the screen everytime that it hides the taskbar so that can act as a work around, but i like to have my taskbar showing rather than hiding. Final Word: Great application as it is fast and smooth, and adds some nice bling - Sorry that Rk Launcher and the "nightly build" hasn't changed in a long time, but i'll pray and hope for few simple additions thrown in sometime soon, Like a quick, dirty and easy refresh function!