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  1. [help] iPod music gone

  2. Aqua-Soft gallery

    I still miss the shoutbox, but then a couple mofos ruined that for us all too.
  3. Buying a new phone

    I have a razr, and I was thrilled with it, especially the design of it. But now everyone and their mothers has one, plus its a bit lacking in features, IMO the best phone right now is the k750i from sony ericsson, which I plan on getting once I get the unlock code from cingular customer service.
  4. Congratulations Olek (Unbe) :D

    Gill! Comprame un churro de la plaza de coyaocan, y mandamelo por DHL no?
  5. Congratulations Olek (Unbe) :D

    I would say you PNWT Gill/NC/et al, but I just remembered the time you almost got expelled for saying FECK OFF WANKER KNOCUTS on your blog, only to be read by your whos PWNT NOW BOYO?
  6. buttons left hand?

    Hello fellow emulators! Yes, I want to know how to put buttons, terminate/minimize/maximize, on left hand side like mac, I hear new program is in development from russia, but not too sure, can anyone help me?
  7. buttons left hand?

    I switched to msn! sort of. @NC, what a warm welcome ;(
  8. buttons left hand?

    oh yeah i forgot! *waves at baba olek* THAT MACBOOK PRO IS ALMOST THERE BABEH! *victory pose*
  9. buttons left hand?

    je suis desolée mais windowblinds n'est pas le program que je cherche, j'ai trouvé un program de la russie! mais je ne sais pas comment utilizer un .exe, aide-moi s'il te plait
  10. Synergy

    Yes I hear something is in the works ;DDDDDD~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~but from russia!
  11. Wha happend?

    I too remember those times when I wasn't a snobby mac user, and you yourself weren't intoxicated with your position as newsposter But then again, who really remembers right?
  12. Wha happend?

    lol. It's not unbe who scared everyone away, and if you knew him you'd know he's as cuddly as a FAO Shwartz bear. Seriously though, look at the list: BZ (switched). Ibanez (switched). Stefanka (switched). Ultraman (switched). Hell even Hobbes switched. Pe8er (switched). Susumu (switched). Excuse me for saying so but youre not left with much of the "original" talent that used to populate these forums. Sure there are still a couple but not the good ole' boys of yesteryear. All you're left with now for the most part, are porters.
  13. Wha happend?

    Everyone Switched!!
  14. Mac Song...

    Ahahhahha Nightcrawler Hahahah
  15. Experiment my ass! Someone needs to stop trying to gain their little sisters AIM password. Or worse, their Uncle Wladyslaw's bank account pin.
  16. [release] Niqu for Windowblinds

    Pièce montée des grands jours!!
  17. Mac Mini g5 ?

    Yes the next mini update will be intel. They just got a "silent" update a few weeks ago.
  18. few icons

    there I converted it for you guys...but still! consider getting a mac ;D forgot to add, that I would really appreciate it if someone could return the favor and find me the red fish version of this icns format please.... also, #3 is from "aquarius" from iconbase, which is a payware icon set, so I am not allowed to post a png of that.
  19. November '05 Screenshots

    Kyle still has a peeeceee! heresy!
  20. LIKE IVE BEEN LOOKING FOR THE HAPPY DAYS RINGTONE 4EVA!!!!11!111!111 pathetic. I'd say get a mac but you deserve worse.
  21. The new Unified iPhoto, iTunes and video app.

    or write it down on a piece of paper? ffs! man stop visiting the hookah bar.
  22. Recommendation from a ****ie

    I think you misplaced your LOL there Mr Dane, it should read as follows: LOL @ NC !
  23. Lets open a subforum for Mac_Win!!! All in favor say "I"
  24. October '05 Screenshots thread

    Yeah Lou thats the erasmu bridge ;D
  25. Adium X port for Windows?

    AdiumX is based on GAIM, next best thing is just be content with what you have, if not buy a mac.