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  1. Any Of The Originals Here Still

    just seeing that the last news entry is almost 5 years old makes me sad, but seeing all the stuff that was done here makes me feel fuzzy and warm. it is sad to see that those days of modding and forums gone, especially since the growth of social media and smartphones. you guys rock, those times were great
  2. Soo.. Is The Win To Mac Mod Scene Dead?

    people lost interest on it. this place isnt even active anymore, thi has been the last thread made, 5 years ago i would be necrobumping or some shit, there isn't much to this place or something, hell even when i tried to change my avatar that tool seemed broken.
  3. Remove/delete/close/unsubscribe My Aqua-Soft Account.

    idk i wanna do the same thing tho, this is like the 10th tine i log in here after almost 4 years tho
  4. Xwindows Dock Receives An Update

    Xwindows dock FTW!!!!!!! i love xwindows dock you can't buy a mac? install xwindows dock!!!!!!!
  5. [release] Photobooth Clone!

    OMG! photobooth for windows??????????? i will try it now!! (sorry 4 my english)