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  1. Win 7

    should this sub forum not be renamed? Vista is dead thankfully!
  2. Router/wireless Not Working When Phone In Use?

    If you have a broadband connection via your phone aka ADSL it might be because you don't have any microfilters installed. You must have microfilters installed on all devices connected to telephone sockets on the line, this includes extensions. Google microfilters.
  3. Webpage Settings

    download firefox problem solved
  4. Having Windows Update Problem.

    make sure the time and date on your PC is correct, I've seen this cause issues with windows updates.
  5. Friend's Computer Refusing To Start Up.

    yeah sounds like the PSU, they can be had for around £10 or $20
  6. When Do You Charge Your Laptop Batteries?

    I keep the battery out my laptop as it's always on my desk. This I believe should save the life of it.
  7. Does it do the same if you output the display to a computer monitor? Also check you are using the correct resolution for your screen.