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  1. Shoutbox

    so shoutbox looks good on the mobile version. whats the code.
  2. Shoutbox

    I had to reinstall shoutbox and lost the mobile setting. I cant remember where the template is.. ive searched on this site...
  3. Dark Theme Font Color

  4. I need to change the font color of the dark skin to a more lighter gray. I'm in color_dark.css and cannot find it. Please assist. Thanks.(#ececec)
  5. Make Dark The Default Scheme

    Ok. Well on my site I have ads when viewed on a PC and on phone are same size. Which is bad on mobile since its way to big. What's a good solution? Remove ads on mobile theme? How?
  6. Make Dark The Default Scheme

    Ok, another question Tim. I have google adsense on here. How do I make them so they fit mobile but stay same size when viewing on pc?
  7. How do I make "dark" the default theme. Also, why do the popups load a little off screen? It causes horizontal scroll. Tested on 3 different android phones. Works on iPhone though.
  8. I made a thread asking for help with the mobile skin. why was it deleted? im simply trying to get support for a theme i purchased...
  9. My Similar topics, recent topics and shoutbox not working. I even applied the similar topics hook in the ASM zip
  10. Aqua-Soft Mobile 2 Beta

    Since we have scrolling issues with Android.. I'll wait for that to be fixed first. But good job Timan!
  11. Mobile Skin Requests

    Do I have to be on 3.1 to use this?
  12. Mobile Skin Requests

    /me waits patiently hoping my subscription doesn't expire before the release XD
  13. Mobile Skin Requests

    We are impatient Timan !
  14. Mobile Skin Requests

    Thanks Tuman. A IBP and vB4 mobile skin is exactly what I'm after. (Y)
  15. Mobile Skin Requests

    Are we getting closer to a beta release?