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  1. fixed update has been uploaded. please read the note at the bottom of the first post. thank you
  2. i may do the 1:1 ichat bubbles sometime, but i'm not sure if that will be soon .. still loving my os x. i think i will give bootcamp a try (want to do linux + windows + os x boot ) .. @TehVex: that has been fixed, as has the other bug, but my site is down. i guess i should just update the template on supposedly. i may do that soon.
  3. glad you all like it .. now i'm not sure what to do though. i finally got a mac :slant: it is absolutely beautiful
  4. thanks! hmm, i thought there already was an ichat bubbles template out and done. if not, please correct me. @Austin123: thank you
  5. It's nice to be back Thanks everyone for the comments. I'm glad you all like it! @DjSouR Refugee: check your extracted files. does this happen with other templates (using png transparent images)? check to make sure the path to the ieview template does NOT have apostrophies and such since that will break the path to the images
  6. Thanks! I'm glad you like it.
  7. URL to post, and download link Alternate download link [PASTED FROM POST ON MY SITE] I ported the GoneDark and GoneDark Polarized message style for Adium. It's been awhile since my last release, so here it is folks. Enjoy! Please read the readme. I'd post a longer post, but I have an exam tomorrow. Almost completed high school laughing I will mirror this at the Miranda addons page tomorrow. I require resting for my examination tomorrow. Have fun. Should be no bugs. If there are, please comment this post. Finally, I hope you guys like it (I do appreciate comments of encouragement and compliment too of course!). [/PASTED FROM POST ON MY SITE] (i am tired from studying, not much effort to post a giant post. bugs, etc reply here or comment on my page. thanks! and enjoy) EDIT: LINK BUG FIXED (fix finally uploaded, more accurately speaking ). Please download from alternative download link. Would also be nice if anyone has any suggestions for free RELIABLE hosting so I can simply host all my IEView templates on one central location... - Russellc
  8. WCC Skin: Lucid

    @noroom: no, that is not just a field filler lol. i think you figured that out when you sent me the email and did not get a "undelivered mail" email in your inbox @Carlospr: noroom gets credit for the porting, but technically, credit should be given to the original author for whatever part of that porting was his (in this case, the graphics). noroom has done that and -tried- contacting me, i'm guessing immediately after he found out about my email address. whether or not i state copyright or whatever licensing in my readme or elsewhere, the skin/graphics/etc were still made "by me". copyright is assumed (as stated by yourself), credit should always be given, and permission should always be seeked before releasing your own port/modification/etc. just a few tips for future ports or mods ...don't worry, i'm not a stickler about it, but its just a display of respect for the authors and the effort the put into these skins (imo). what was made took creative thought and the authors of these skins appreciate it when permission is asked for. some authors think it's a crime against nature to not ask for permission and to take full credit, and i don't blame them. it really pisses me off when you see someone take your work and post it, claiming it as their own. its also a great feeling when you see someone report a work of your own that has been "stolen". i encourage you all to keep an open eye for those stealing work from hard working authors and to report them . anyway, enough of my rant. noroom, you have my permission. all i ask is a simple placing of my name somewhere in your readme, for example stating i was the original creator of the rainlendar skin. just keep in mind: proper crediting . as i said before, you have the credit of porting it, so you can say "port by noroom" or something like that. anyway, nice job with the port! it looks wonderful
  9. FREE Winplosion codes!

    they should definitely do this for every piece of software
  10. [request] cool miranda skin !!!

    yeah, go ahead on it karma. can't wait to see how it looks like. i'm too busy right now, so new releases will probably start coming back around the 28th of may (that weekend). if not the 28th, then for sure after the 14th of june there will be new releases (exams finished, summer holidays). i've got a bunch of templates that are waiting to be done
  11. [Request] Paper and Plastic

    i'd be glad to have it also, thanks
  12. MirandaIM Tutorial

    there's a guide here. it might be a bit outdated as the guy doesnt update...but look through the thread and you'll see some screenshots of the actual options screen where the most important settings for those things are.
  13. PurePlastics port for Miranda

    i don't believe it does. can anybody clarify? i do not use yahoo
  14. PurePlastics port for Miranda

    if you are using the msn and icq protocols, then the avatar of the buddy will show. that is, if they do have an avatar set. otherwise, it will show noavatar.jpg (as they do not have an avatar set) all other protocols (including aim) will default to noavatar.jpg because there is no avatar support yet for those protocols
  15. PurePlastics port for Miranda

    to change the part with the username, just look for and then look for %name% under the heading. then, you will also need to change for history items. those headings are for grouped messages. if you have grouped messaging disabled, then the headings will be and i don't understand your second question. the person's avatar should show up as their avatar in the top bar