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  1. New to Icon design

    Hey mps69 - thanks for that link buddy! Would try to make an icon based on that tutorial
  2. Fast Reply

    I have tried to disable that as well but I guess it is on default. I hope an admin or Mod would shed some light on this.
  3. What Gadget Do You Love?

    Mine would be my PSP. I can listen to MP3's, play games, and watch movies on it - perfect for passing time
  4. I think it would also be better if the OP would include a snapshot of what her screen looks like. Most people would panic about this blue screen errors which are often referred to as "blue screen of death", luckily I have never experience that one yet
  5. Grey or Gray?

    I am fond of using GRAY. Grey is also acceptable but I find it a little awkward
  6. The Dark Knight Icon Set

    That is a great creation buddy! Thanks!
  7. Just registered and hope to learn a lot in this forum! Thanks.