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  1. [rel]Alluvium Magnite 1.0

    ALso I was waiting for a realy good style. This one is the first style in which I don't have to change the font size. Great work
  2. is it possible to put the close button on the right of tab?
  3. [req]Flyakite SP2 v1.0

    Found IT It's here Downloading it now
  4. [req]Flyakite SP2 v1.0

    I need the full pack, if it's possible
  5. I need badly this files, is anybody still having it?
  6. This theme works fine with WB theme, it has some problem only with VS
  7. Yeah it uses 2or 3 px transparent, now i will try to adjust it
  8. Mine is checked, otherwise the grey shadow become bigger.. ;(
  9. I've got this strange problem....
  10. [help]minicpu port

    I'm doing a 1:1 port of minicpu from konfabulator to systats, do you know how can I make the cpu bar to animate like in the konfabulator configuration.
  11. AveDesk 1.2 Translating Project

    Dreaadnut translation it's perfect, I've read all contents of dll, if you need I can test it, but it seems it's good
  12. [help] FlashFXP Skin

    for the yellow line check in preferences of flash
  13. BroadBand In UK

    No awfully I'm not using "la megalinea di fastweb°, and about neowin I was just readin it 5 mins ago... I think that the 512kb will be enough also because I don't have a lot of money... DOh
  14. BroadBand In UK

    NOto so bad for a 512k
  15. BroadBand In UK

    It's about 60€/month, it's good for 3Mb, I'm italian e we pay 40€ for 640Kbit... And what's the price for a 1Mb? Sorry for asking, but i have a lot of thing to do ....