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  1. Safari 5 Issues (Win 7)

    Safari 5 bad working with Java-scripts. Hopefully will come a new update that resolves this problem.
  2. Recently took icons Windows XP. But the system maximum of 48px. Very little, even for Dock . Do you, dear forum users, have XP icons 128x128 pixels and bigger. It is desirable to PNG. Thank you for your attention. You probably ask: "Why do I need?". Answer:
  3. Xwdock - General Discussion

    I'm just happy!!!! 11oneone Great speed, quality, etc. Excellent. Keep up the spirit
  4. 2010 Desktops

  5. Looking For 2 Programs

    so ... I found a screenshot, which shows no FindeXer, but something else ...
  6. Looking For 2 Programs

    Bad (Well, thanks for the help.
  7. Looking For 2 Programs

    2 Nikola, i using google translate ...and what program can do the drop-down menu?
  8. Looking For 2 Programs

    Both FindeXer make drop-down menu? QTTab working is very well!
  9. Sorry for my english. Here is a screenshot, which marked items. If not mistaken, the FindeXer no pull-down menus. Bookmarks simply not found . Please, give me their Thank you in advance and wait for assistance. Re-Titled - mps69
  10. Finderbar 1.5 Problem

    Try SkinIt! And restart system