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  1. December '05 Screenshots

    Thanks alex:)
  2. December '05 Screenshots

    May I ask where you got that "house" icon that's in your dock? note: I tried to PM you, but your box is full
  3. minimize to dock (innoyance)

    In RKDock.ini, look for this: negative values will be counted from right to left -1 being the last element -2 one before the last, etc.
  4. AveDesk 1.3

    Awesome work Andreas. I love the close effect on the desklets. I'll be showing my appreaciation soon.
  5. RK Launcher 0.4 - FEATURE REQUESTS

    @ppoppe: thank you
  6. RK Launcher 0.4 - FEATURE REQUESTS

    Not sure if this has been mentioned yet (I searched to the best of my ability) or maybe I'm ovelooking something in the preferences, but would it be possible so that when a window is minimized it goes to the right of a separator? Great release, I was looking forward to this day. Keep up the good work. *sorry if this is in the wrong thread*
  7. [Release] Simple White AveTunes Skin

    excellent skin. Using it right now, thanks.
  8. widescape weather problem

    http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread.php?t=24071 That thread fixed it for me. Go to page 2 and look for the link for the fix on the Microsoft site. Download the .msi file and that should fix your problem.
  9. [HELP] Weather for SysStats stopped working

    I'm using this as well as the widescapeweather port for AD. They both stopped working yesterday and just displayed the blue question mark like when you start a new desklet for SysStats. I would then try to load a config file and AD would crash completely, no error message at all. Sometimes one of the configs will load and just display the %s, but when I right click on the desklet and click "configure" it crashes once again. I tried doing a fresh install of AD and even with SysStats 2.5.4 with no luck. I will try those XML fixes from MS to see if they help any. *edit* w00t! XML fix posted on page 2 fixed the problem.
  10. excellent. Got it to work. Thanks for your help. Now I just need to find out how to hide messages while away with AIM.
  11. I tried using tabsrmm with this config for ieview and it didnt work. Can you link me or tell me the version of tabsrmm that you're using?
  12. I don't have that option. I'm using the SRMM for ieview.
  13. Very nice, using it right now. Two questions, how do you get rid of the "last message recieved on *date and time here*" in the message window like in your screen shot, and how did you add the picture to the left of the box where you type your message? Thanks a bunch.
  14. October 2004 Screenshots Thread

    Click image for full size VS: Insperational Royale: Carbon Blue Edition Wall: here Rainlendar: R-Calendar Winamp: Spirit (white) by Stefanka Icons: Lutetium Polished, SnowE2, Equal apps: y'z dock, LClock, AveDesk First time posting here, be kind